Revised Driver List for Powell Memorial this Friday night

We are also adding Kieth Nosbisch, Tyler Ivey, Phillip Cobb and Jeff Mathews.

Phillip Cobb
Tyler Ivey
Kieth Nosbisch
Jeff Mathews
Ivedent Lloyd
Johnny Collins
Mark Whitener
Lawton Minchew
Shane Williams
Jason Fitzgerald
Jack Nosbich
Russel Brown
Adam Bendenbaugh
Dave Barber
Rich Pratt
Kevin Durden
Patrick Williams
Shan Smith
Richard Ferry
Billy Costello
Dillon Wood
JO Nobles
Roger Crouse
Mike Bresnahan
John Rankin
Dennis Williams
Max Bennet
John Kellum
Todd Alexander
Wayne Shugart
Bugg Rose
Christian Arnsburger
Jason Davis
Clay Bedenbaugh
Darrel Padgett
Jimmy Waldrop
Brandon Cameron
Chuck Chitty
Bobby Clark
Ryan Mitchell
Tim Zachery
Cyle Owens
Mike Eubanks

Looks like a lot of Awesome Drivers are gonna be there. I cant wait to watch Maxx Bennett race with some of the best drivers on dirt

Great lineup - should make for an outstanding show for Ocala’s Powell Memorial. I know I am going to try to attend. Good luck to all and we will see you next Saturday at Volusia!

What time do things get started?

Gates open at 5:00pm. Racing starts at 8:00pm Thanks

Cool, I don’t get excited about seeing a race too much anymore, but I can’t wait to see this one, I hope mother nature will be on our side.