H~a~p~p~y...b~i~r~t~h~d~a~y...b~o~b~b~y ..!!!

Today you are 9 years old. Seems like you just got here… these have been the most joyous wonderful years for me… Our family and this world is a better place because you are in it. Your good heart, willingness to help others, cares about the ecology, and your strong love of God, family and friends. Your desire to always try your hardest… your good sportsmanship in soccer and basketball… and not to mention that you are GORGEOUS! I love you so much and I hope you have a fun day. :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:
Nanny aka OZ

Yea Bobby

Happy Birthday Bobby! Have seen you growing up over the past years and won’t be long before we (perhaps) see you on a track somewhere.

Gee, that kid is a spittin image of me when I was his age (If I didn’t know better, I’d be looking back to where I was about 9 years - 9 months ago).
He is REALLY gonna be something when he gets to my age (Ladies, please form lines to the right - NO PUSHING - NO SHOVING).

Bobby - I hope Nana puts a real sloppy kiss all over your face (might) just be better than getting birthday spanks huh?

OSF: :ernaehrung004: :ernaehrung004: :ernaehrung004:

Happy Birthday!!!

Love 'em all you can OZZ. I have two boys, one will be 32 next month and other one will be 22. Sheesh!! They grow up fast.

:huepfen024:HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!!!:huepfen024:

OSF & dnsno

how do you spell F~O~S~S~I~L? hahaha just kiddin buddy. if he ever starts racing it will not be my doing. thats the last thing i want him to do while hes in medical school ! roflllllthank you for the nice wishes. he read them.

my sons are 50 and 48! so ive been there for a long long time. my grandson is 30…bobby is my great grandson… the love of my life. him and of course Hailey… :wink: im a lucky lady! tonight at the bbq i call BOBBY and half my family answers…lol

well gotta go… have a great night!
carolwicks aka OZ

happy birth day looks like a future racer to me

when you get old enough to drive come see me see ya ron abney sr #35 mod

my grand son about that age i spoil him rotten

9 years old - boy, time sure has flown by. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Bobby and all your wishes come true. Have a wonderful day and I am sure that your grandma will make sure of it.


Jane and Alex