Wtg Joe Winchell!!!!!!!

Out of the 26 cars that raced late models at CCMP Joe won the pole and the race! Packed stands and a beautiful night. Another successful night of racing in Charlotte County. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! :huepfen024::huepfen024:

Yes wat to go Joe

Was a great race with the 26 cars starting and I think over 18 cars finished the race. 8 cars showed up at the track but two did not get to start, and there were well over 100 plus cars total in the pits, was another great night of racing and fun for all. A lot of side by side racing in all class’s and the second grove seems to work and be fast now that they have put what ever it was they put on the track up there.


:huepfen024: :huepfen024: :huepfen024: :huepfen024::sport009:

WTG Joe…you completely RAN OVER the NOSE of my CAR…thats how you WON thanks for your help in PARKING my CAR…see ya at the Next Race.

If your car was the 77 Wayne Anderson was driving, then I saw it. too. If it wasn’t, didn’t see it :(.

Wanted to see the late models so bad, but couldn’t make it Saturday. I sure am glad Bobby got the second groove sprayed, that what I wanted to see so bad was the 2 groove racing. Of course if the fast qualifier started on the front row guess it doesn’t make any difference how many grooves there is, the result will always be the same…

They had a 6 car invert, I believe, so fast time (Mr. Joe) did not start on pole. and the second groove was working, esp late in the race. Grossenbacher got in alot of other peoples trouble and kept coming from the rear, and he was up high and flying. Others were still covering low, but at least now there is an option.