8-22ATTN: LATE MODELS - New Smyrna Speedway

This Saturday is McDonald’s Back to School Night… the first 100 Kids (11 & under) through the grandstands will receive some FREE School Supplies…

Racing this Saturday - The Donatti Construction Late Model 100, Daytona Dodge Super Stock 50, Pub 44 Strictly Stock 25, Sportsman 25.

We are also having a Fireworks Display presented by American Auto Tire & Service

Race will be run under the current FASCAR Rules for Limited Late Models. ASA/Crate Late Models are welcome and must weigh 2750 lbs. with 57% Left Side. There will be a 25lbs./shock penalty for Canister Shocks (4 Shocks = 100 lbs.).

If there are any other adjustments that need to be made, there will be meetings throughout the day. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or ideas you may have. Head Tech Inspector for New Smyrna Speedway is Jeff Sutcliff, or you can contact Competition Director - Butch Pierce at 386-547-7334.

We’d love to see everyone come and have a good time. We are trying to work all the bugs out of this deal and everyone’s help is greatly appreciated as we progress and move forward.

The following Drivers HAVE Pre-Entered for this Race…

#2 - AJ Curreli
#4B - Alan Bruns
#9 - Rich Clouser
#9z - Zack Donatti
#10 - Michael Seay
#33 - Casey Caudill
#36 - Rusty Ebersole
#51 - Stephen Nasse
#96 - Jerry Symons
#98 - Bobby Joe Woodley
#99 - Brett Woodley

Drivers that we are pretty sure will be here [don’t shoot us if they are not!]…

#3 - Jeff Colburn
#5 - Daniel Keene Jr
#19 - Bobby Good
#20 - Chad Pierce
#26 - Jessica Murphy
#43 - Randy Dye
#51 - Chad Akins
#55 - Todd Allen
#57 - Joe Winchell
#63 - Austin Pickens
#72 - Tommy Elliott
#86 - Randy Anderson
#98 - Ricky Lindner
#119 - (driver to be named)

Drivers we have not heard from or got hold of yet, but would love to see make it!

#4 - Cynthia Strahley
#6 - Richard Douglas
#10 - Brad May
#11 - Alexis Fenton
#18 - Amanda Tonchuk
#19 - Chris Gillespie
#111 - Donny Williams

and anyone else I have forgot to put down!

You forgot #18 Amanda Tonchuk

do be do be dooooooo…

(just keeping this towards the top again!)


#63 - Austin Pickens to the ‘expected’ list…
(he’s not pre-entered but just talked to him and he will be here!)

22 Cars have either Pre-Entered or verbally committed to running this one… Should be a great night at NSS… and FIREWORKS too!

Just added 2 more Late Models to the ‘expected’ list… That brings it to 25 cars that are either expected or have pre-entered for this Saturday Night…

Plus the Daytona Dodge Super Stocks will go for 50 laps and Pub 44 Strictly Stocks & Sportsman will go for 25 laps each…

And we’ll have LIVE coverage of Bristol on the Big Screen Truck in the infield courtesy of Palm Tree Computer Systems out of Oveido…

Don’t forget, first 100 Kids (11 & under) through the grandstands get some FREE School Supplies from the McDonalds in New Smyrna Beach… plus the FIREWORKS display!

General Admission - $15.00
Students & Seniors - $10.00
Kids 11 & under FREE!

Pit Gates open at 3:00pm
Late Model / Super Stock Qualifying at 5:45pm
Racing Starts at 7:30pm

So are you going to keep the tv on till the Bristol race is over?

Add #18 Amanda Tonchuk to the ‘expected’ list… That brings the estimated field up to 26 cars… Shaping up to be one hell of a Late Model race!

(It won’t let me edit the original post anymore, so I’ll add more as I get them, this way.)

Add #6 Richard Douglas to the ‘expected’ list… 27 Late Models and counting!

This should be a great race can’t wait