Come one come all "The Late Model Capital of the SOUTH"! Circle Track Magazine 50!!!!

[SIZE=“5”]CCMP will have the “GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” and present The United Dirt Late Models CIRCLE TRACK 50 laps of “THE BATTLE on the ASPHALT 2”!!! That’s right the TOP names in the DIRT WORLD of Late Models. This is why CCMP is “The Late Model Capital of the SOUTH”!!! Circle Track Magazine is doing the second edition of “The Battle of the ASPHALT.” Come be part of this SHOW!!! There will be a GREAT supporting program!!!

August 22,2009(special event night)
United Dirt Lat Models 2nd Annual Battle On The Black Top
Outlaw Street Stocks 50 Laps,
Road Warrior,
Pro 4,
Fab 4,
(King of the track 10.00 entry winner take all) Come prove your skills on the ASPHALT!!!
So come one come the SHOW is about to begin!!!
Bobby “THE BIG TOP” Diehl [/SIZE]

Babba ARMY Get’s $5.00 at CCMP!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Bubba The Love Sponge ARMY is very BIG in the Florida Racing Circles. If you have a BUBBA ARMY T-Shirts decals, hats, etc… Bring it and get $5.00 off the front gate. We will have the MILLER #101 BUBBA car. Bobby LaBonte’s car will on hand. Plus the CIRCLE TRACK MAGAZINE will be doing a full CCMP article. We have Friday Night Practice FREEEEEE for the Grand Stands!!! So COME ONE COME ALL [SIZE=“6”]“The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”[/SIZE] will own up to our NAME!!!
Thanks for the support!!!
Bobby “The BIG TOP” Diehl[/SIZE]

Battle On The Blacktop (part 2)

for more information goto our web site


2 days left can not wait

Bill is gone!!! But The HURRICANE PARTY is about to BEGIN at CCMP!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Looks like the weather GODS will be with us. Hurricane Bill is heading to the North Pole and looks like our weather will be good for TONIGHT’s " TEST and Tune Practice " at CCMP. Come out and get a look at the Circle Track Magazines “Miller Light BATTLE on the ASPHALT 2”!!! 50 laps that will leave everyone who comes talking!!! Last year 2008 RACE was only 13 minutes and 24 seconds. Three wide, NO YELLOWS, no radios, no spotters. Just hard RACING!!!. So Come ONE Come ALL the weekend starts TONIGHT. And tonight is FREE!!! Special FREE Fan Pit Tours call 941-575-7223 for information. Don’t forget [SIZE=“6”]“BUBBA’S ARMY” [/SIZE]support items (shirts, stickers, hats from BUBBY or 102.5 THE BONE or 96.6 K ROCK) and get $5.00 off the front gate.
Hope to see you all there!!!
Bobby Diehl [/SIZE]

Correct me if I am wrong but I think I have figured out why Bobby irritates people on this board. He is like those spam e-mails that you get. You never get a response from them and they just keep coming.

I am happy to see a track doing good and happy to see someone trying and actually promoting but I also see why people read right over his threads.

Attention Edm!!!

[SIZE=“6”]Thanks for the kind words. There have been 327 hits so far. I know sometimes I sound like a broken record. But, promoting is getting the word out. That’s why those GOD DAM*&%^@!@*(^$, potups are there. Thanks for the support and hope to see you at the BIG TOP!!!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024::sprachlos020:

Hurricane Party’s ON at CCMP!!!

[SIZE=“6”]The rains came through. We dried the track got dry. And the HOT DOG’s hit the ASPHALT. So far the FAST times are Dillon Wood, Jason Fitzgerald, and “Locomotive” Johnny Collins. Man it is the BADEST CLASS on EARTH!!!. They are just breath taking. The fence shakes with fear from these Lighting Fast ROCKETS of the DIRT WORLD. Saturday Night Show WILL BE BAD!!! Hope to see everyone.
Bobby Diehl [/SIZE]:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024::sport009:


[SIZE=“5”]Last night Dillon Wood, Jason Fitzgerald, and “Locomotive” Johnny Collins all three went faster that the Super Late’s record time. All were under 14.8’s. We are looking at a strong field of competitors for tonight SHOW of SHOW’s. The weather is looking GREAT. Morning shower possible, but will be lean an mean for the afternoon. So pack up the Wife and Kids and comes see way we call it “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH”. I know NASCAR’s Bristol is on, but this is LIVE SHORT TRACK RACING at it’s BEST!!! Put a tape in the VCR or just click record. Wear a BUBBA ARMY or a 102.5 “The Bone” or a 96.9 “K-ROCK” shirt, hat, sticker etc… and get $5.00 off the Front Gate Ticket price. Hope to see everyone.
Bobby Diehl [/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::sport009::sport009: