Are You Racing Hard Enough?--

This just in, on a faraway Midwest Raceway.
For conversation only/debate. (it’s not perfect, but here goes).

I have read that a promoter has docked/suspended a late model racer for not giving the fans a good show. Seeing that they had paid to sit in the grandstands, the promoter felt the racer wasn’t giving the fans their moneys worth on the races he was going out to perform.
Apparently, this driver/car would go out for the fast-car, four(4) dash at the beginning of the program, as the race is usually supposed to whip the crowd into a frenzy, and he would back off and drop only after two of the four laps, and finish a 1/2 lap behind, several times.
Not partaking hard enough in a show, that is weird.
He states that, among other things, that he doesn’t want to bash up his car for the big feature event.

The Series usually draws about 14 supers–
–4 car fast dash-
–2 heat races-
–maybe a consi-
–and a feature

All with a 14 car field, plus-minus.
This local Racer was benched by the coach for not putting on a good show.
I kind-of see it both ways, but you betcha’, he won’t be going back. He was a fast racer, the fans wanted to see him perform, and he was reluctant to do just that. The Coach had finally had enough, and benched him, for being a poor performer, and not giving the crowd what they had paid to witness.

But isn’t that kind-of a strange twist, a promoter benching a player for not giving their/his fans worth the money they paid to get in, in his oppinion.
I’ve never heard of this before, have you?

Sounds like a promoter with a pocket full of money. With 14 cars I don’t think I’d want to lose one. I can see him wanting to put on a show but you always have back markers that just fill the field. That sounds weird to me if that dudes afraid of tearing up his stuff maybe he needs to take up golfing. It pays better. Bob…