My friends I come to you today with a heavy heart. I and some of you good people have been acuse of the worst crime on a message board, HIJACKING. I know that some of us may get off the race track, may sway to the right, may boast about are service to our country to much, may not be good writings, spellers, etc.etc… We are told that we are hurtful and rude and have no business writing what we write because this is not the place and that we are taking our country down the tubes when we do. I want to remind these people that we have supported KARNAC when racing was not happening, rain outs, off season, causing clicks to be counted so those ads will be important even those flashing weight lost signs. Myself and you have started theads or joined in to make them last for many pages. I feel that the time has come for KARNAC to open up a POLITICS page so for those who want and only want to may egage in things like that. When the non-racing people hear about it they to will join in and then they will read about racing, may even start going to racing events. Then we all can be one big happy family. KARNAC ask not what your readers can do for you, but what you can do for your readers. (could not think of anything Ted said).