Florida WoO-A.S. Sprint Car up date

For the few that might be interested about the #59 Sprint.
We had Kenny Jacobs in the seat for first part of the season.We picked up
some $ help from Misc. companys,and a nice hand from Southern Crane & Tractor Supply and they are with us this year also.We put Lee Jaccobs in the car for a few races. It later came that change was needed…
With out going into great detail.we desided that we would set the program down, and bring the car back to Jupiter Farms.The car runs like hell and runs up front,as we use the same engine,chassis etc etc as the teams with multi million dollar check books,…only we have one car not 6, ,but we do not have the big check book.,…am’ sure you all can relate to that one…

We were contacted by crew chiefs and drivers wanting to hook up with us and drive for us,one of those was Erin Crocker.A pow wow was held with her and Mike Woodring and she is now our driver .

Erin drives the car very very well,likes the program and set a new track record at the Nationals
We have changed over to Maxim Chassis and have started to ordering parts to build car #2
We hope to race about all year long Thanks for your time,

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Florida #59WoO Sprint Car

Sprint fans,… just for the offical record ,Ray has not been asked,… will not
be asked not now nor the future to fund any money into our 59 program.
zero,nada,zilch. Some times,…not very,very offfffften,…but some times
a driver just wants to go back to grass roots racing. Sure it’s tough funding
it.But it is so very refreshing and rewarding when we pole,win or just plain
out run the big dogs.It’s neat not being on the porch…

before I forget,… no I won’t tall about any personal stuff.
Thasnks for your time Joh

hey Trip, I’ll e-mail

Personally, I just think it’s neater than heck that the whole situation worked out this way. I think Ray and Erin are both really good people and I’m glad to see them get together. Erin’s a REAL racer and I believe she wants to RACE, not be in that dog and pony NASCRAP deal. Yeah, money is nice but when the fire in the belly goes out…

Erin Crocker

As an Erin Crocker fan, I am quite interested in her and the team. Got one of the new #59 t-shirts at Cedar Lake last week.

Can you provide information on:
*team owners; home base; sponsors etc?
*where are Woodring and the car shop facilities?
*Any more races in 2009?
*Any plans for 2010?
*Why the shift from J&J to MAXIM?
*Who provides engines?

Erin Crocker info

The 59 Team is based in Jupiter Fl.But,…for the time being the car is on the road ,and the shop is in Buffalo NY.

At this time our sponsors are,Southern Crane & Tractor Supply,Punta Gorda,FL.,Jupiter Hitch & Trailer Jup. Fl.,Auto Electric,Jup.Fl. The car owner is
Tom Leidig. a past Late Model owner.I sponsor in part and handle some paper work,hunt down parts,what ever it takes.

We plan to run Learnersville,Eldora,Lowes,etc.However,Erin will not be in the seat for the world finals.Brook Tatnell will drive as Erin will do the TV stuff for Speed Vision.

2010 we planned for apox 60 races,Gold Cup in Ca.,Knoxville,Kings Royal and the rest on the WoO tour.

We are now using Maxim Chassis as they best suit our need at this time.Engines are built by Paul Kistler, I hope this answers your qustions