Attention all Modifieds. $1000.00 to WIN at "The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH CCMP!!!!

[I][SIZE=“5”]Attention all Modifieds. $1000.00 to WIN (with 16 or more cars)!!!

The Drivers has ask to have “HEAT RACES” and race only 35 laps for $750.00 to WIN with NO ENTRY. This weekend coming up Sept. 5 will be the start test to see if it helps drive the numbers of cars. Also this will be the Q Auto & Injury Attorneys Lotto Weekend (always the 1st weekend of the month). Remember that’s where the ones who race in the Qualifier has there number put in the hat and four of the racers get a BONUS TIRE yes that is a FREE TIRE!!! But WAIT there’s more we have found a Sponsor will step up to keep the payout at $1000.00 if we have the car count!!! RS Towing is the Support Sponsor for the Q-Auto & Injury Attorneys Open Wheel Modified Series. We else can you go and if the car count is 16 or more WIN $1000.00 and possibility a Bonus Tire (worth $119.84). [SIZE=“6”]WOW!!! $1,119.84 to WIN a 35 lap race, and getting to run a “HEAT RACE” along with NO ENTRY!!! [/SIZE]WOW!!! We do have “The GREAT SHOW ON EARTH!!! So Come One Come ALL the SHOW is about to BEGIN!!! Boys better call for your slabs we are going for a FULL HOUSE of OPEN WHEELS!!!
Call 914-575-7223 TODAY!!!
Thanks for all the support.
Bobby Diehl [/SIZE][/I]:huepfen024::ernaehrung004::sport009:

Oh yeah!!!

[SIZE=“5”]Sorry I forgot $75.00 to start.WOW!!! The WINNER could WIN as much $1,119.84 for a 35 lap race, and getting to run a “HEAT RACE” along with NO ENTRY, on grooved tires, and only 16 drivers!!! WOW!!! It doesn’t get any better than this. [SIZE=“7”]CCMP ROCKS!!! [COLOR=“black”]Thanks Q Auto Injury Attonerys and R/S Towing!!![/SIZE][/COLOR]
Bobby “Always with a BIG DEAL” Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::ernaehrung004::huepfen024:

Here is the list so far for the OWM Q AIA Quilifier!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Most everyone had a view of how they wanted to race. So far the only ones that isn’t happy is Doug Miller. He and Teddy Nelson want 75 or 100 laps for $2000.00 to WIN!!! And thats coming!!!
Here is the list so far!!!

Doug Miller
Jeff Dalva
Doug Moff
Kent Mclean
Denny Brown
John Garrett
Mike Loney
Eric Rudd will not be here he is on vacation. Have FUN Mr. Rudd and Family!!!
Stay tuned for the update entry list.
Watch us GROW!!!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024::ernaehrung004:

And could Win a tire!

[SIZE=“5”]Remember the Q AIA tire progrm. So far he sponsored 24 tires that = $2688.00 in Bonus’s to the racers (yes thats you). So come on down to the BIG TRACK and Qualify for the Q Auto & Injury Attonery’s Tire Lotto!!! And Win $1000.00 (with 16 cars) NO ENTRY, only 35 LAPS, HEAT RACES and have been on our schedule since everyone made their schedules for 2009.
Thanks to all who support Short Track Racing!!!
Bobby “The BIG Track” Diehl
[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::sport009::sport009: Going to the “BIG Track”

And more to the hunt!!!

[SIZE=“6”]The list keeps growing. Collin Cabre, Scott McDaniels, and Teddy Nelson. Called today for their slabs. Get ready for BIG TRACK RACING.
Bobby “The BIG DEAL” Diehl

Over half the way there to the $1000.00 and shot at a Free tire from Q-AIA!

[SIZE=“5”]Add some Drivers to add to the mix. Here is the lattest Teams to go for the GOLD. Making 10 cars only 6 more to go for it. A $1000.00 for the WIN add the Q Auto & Injury Attonert’s TIRE LOTTO!!! Colin Cabre
Scott McDaniels
Teddy Nelson
See you at the track that the second grove makes passing part of the show. Side by Side is a “BIG PART” of Short Track Racing. Hope to see you at the races!!!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::sport009::sport009:

Add the BAT CAVE to the race!!!

[SIZE=“6”]Troy Robinson called to get two slabs. He asked if the second grove was driven in. I said yes, with 16 UDLM and 29 Late Models got it ready to use. Another Driver that likes side by side racing. Wonder who the second slab is for?
Come get in on the QAIA Lotto for those free tires,.
Bobby Diehl

CCMP has Go Karts on Friday Night. Early practice is 9:00 AM Saturday.

[SIZE=“4”]Just wanted to let everyone know that this Friday Night is the CCMP Go Karts under the lights. Stock Car early practice will start at 9:00 AM.
Hope to see you there.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024::ernaehrung004:

ain’t it nice when open wheels have choice 1000.00 to win

at two different tracks [SIZE=“6”][FONT="this ain’t hi jack auburndale speedway also has open wheel race this saturday night . and has plenty of parking so when you get there you don’t have to park in boonies

great races and good food rex guy don’t toot his own horn so i thought being as how i claim auburndale as my home track i would – but all the races are good fast and furious at fastest short track in polk county

the track were the drivers getter done – we don’t follow the leader here we race :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

Looks like a duck?

It’s a duck!!!

Add one more to the list for the $1000.00 with a tire chance in the Q-AIA Lotto!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Add LB Skaggs to the hunt. We are getting closer to that number of 16. Remember the Q-AIA Lotto. One out of four will get one at the race on 9-19-09. You must be at this one to Quilify. Have a safe Holiday!!!
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::ernaehrung004::sport009::huepfen024:

“Bag for the BUCK” at the “BIG TRACK” CCMP ROCK’s!!!

[SIZE=“5”]In case you missed it!!!
================================================== ========[SIZE=“6”][I]

That makes it $15.00 for reg. $10.00 for Senoirs, $5.00 for the kids!!! WOW!!! That makes each show $1.66 a SHOW for reg. $.90 for a Senior and $.45 for the Kids. Can’t go to the movies for that!!![/I][/SIZE]
================================================= ========
Bobby “The BIG DEAL” Diehl Happy Holidays[/SIZE]