Attentiom all CCMP Late Models and Pro TRUCK's we are having a Schedule change!!!!

[SIZE=“4”]We never like to make a schedule change. BUT!!! The next Late Model race will be moved to Dec. 19 as the “Grand Finale” to the 2009 Season. The reason is because the 9-26-09 weekend date falls on 3 Late Model Races on the same day. Our CCMP regular monthly last weekend Race. The Hoosier Elite Race at Desoto Super Speedway and the Historic “Blizzard” at Five Flags in Pennicola. We have had several of our Teams that race in both Championships or are racing in Pennsicola on the 9-26-09 date. It would not be fair to the Fans of Florida, the Race Teams, or to choose which Track to attend. Also the very next week 10-3-09 is the rain make up for the ASA South Series. There are many of our own Late Models Teams support and race in the ASA South Series. The ASA South Race will be their Finale for the Series and Crowning their Championship. If that were not enough, many of our Teams support Citrus in their Late Model 75 Monthly program and are racing for both Championships on 10-3-09. In talking with Don K at Citrus, there are locals that will not be at ASA race at CCMP the weekend of 10-3-09. So we have contacted Ron Varney with the ASA and explained the probems that we all face for the two weekends. He agrees with Drew Brennan already clinching the 2009 Championship that it would be GREAT to havew a CCMP V/S The ASA South Challenge Race would be even more exciting for the Fans and the Teams as well. The rules by lap times are very equil and would make for GREAT BRAGGING RIGHTS of the South!!!


We are the only race FASTRUCK’S -DESOTO TRUCK-PRO TRUCKS-STARS TRUCK on the West Coast of Florida on 9-25-09 (there is a race at New Smyrna) and we want to make it as BIG as the Old Days were the we had large field of TRUCK’s!!! We will have the race a 75 instead of 50 laps and pay $1000.00 to win over 25 trucks $1500.00 and if we have 30 trucks $2000.00 to WIN!!!. The FASTRUCK Pro Touring and the FASTRUCK CCMP Division will recieve their points as their own finish in the Race. For more information call 813-817-7223 or 941-575-7223. So call early and get your slabs.

Thanks and PLEASE support your local Short Track.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:sport009::huepfen024::sport009::slight_smile:


The LM race 9/26/09 is rescheduled for 12/3/09.

As far as the ASA race are you saying that ASA will let your CCMP Late Models run with them on 10/3/09?

The truck race 9/26/09 is still on?

Please advise -

Yes!!! The CCMP Late Models can race in the ASA South’s Race!!!

[SIZE=“4”]The ASA will allow the CCMP Late Models race in the race on 10-3-09. The times are equial and their Championship has been clinched. So what a better way than to have a Challenge Race to see who is the “Best of the Best” at “The Late Model Capital of the South”!!! Our Teams will not have to buy the ASA Membership. They will have to be on the Official Tire “Hoosiers” and pay the entry. This will be a non points race for our Teams so not to effect those Teams that support Citrus and CCMP in their quest for their 2009 Track Championships. It would make them choose which Track to race at. If you have any question please call me 813-817-7223.
Thanks for your interest.
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Attent. CCMP Modifiy’s Sportsman,and OutLaw Street Stocks Tires will be in on Thurs!

[SIZE=“5”]Attention Open Wheel Modifiy’s, Sportsman, and Out Law Street Stocks. The tires will be in on Thursday. Call for your slabs 941-575-7223.
Thanks and looking forward to seeing the whole group again.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:huepfen024::sport009::huepfen024::ernaehrung004:

Well, first place in the points my be wraped up but there is still a pretty good battle for the rest of the top five. It should be a pertty good show.

2009 ASA Late Model Series Southern Division Presented by GM Performance Parts Points Standings

2009 ASA Late Model Series Southern Division
AFTER Race #7: Concord (NC) Speedway - Concord, North Carolina - Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pos. Car #-Driver POINTS Behind
1 08 Drew Brannon 1231
2 59 Dustin Dunn 1111 120
3 88 Justin Larson 1062 169
4 11 Austin Kirkpatrick-R 1051 180
5 51 Stephen Nasse-R 1039 192
6 93 Brandon Johnson 948 283
7 31 Brian Blum 680 551
8 36 Ross Chastain-R 634 597
9 75 David Odell 628 603
10 33 Casey Caudill 561 670
11 70 Jeremy Gerstner 512 719
12 83 Scotty Ellis 490 741
13 98 Russell Fleeman 484 747
14 2 Ralph Carnes 394 837
15 95 Warren Mobley 386 845
16 09 Keeton Hanks 355 876
17 61 Cody Benoit 305 926
30 45 Nick Potts 300 931
18 26 Travis Cope 292 939
19 127 Kyle Maynard 256 975
20 76 Jerick Johnson 256 975
21 25 Scott Rueschenburg 217 1014
22 15 Colt James 200 1031
23 61 Landon Cassill 198 1033
24 66 Jeff Fultz 185 1046
25 88 Trent Snyder 175 1056
26 18 Bubba Pollard 170 1061
27 24 Austin Hill 165 1066
53 4 Michael Pilla 165 1066
28 9 Chase Elliott 160 1071
29 29 James Nealis 155 1076
31 1 Cooper Faasen 155 1076
32 5 Wes Burton 154 1077
33 14 Bobby Measmer 150 1081
34 90 Rebecca Kasten 145 1086
35 60 DJ Shaw 140 1091
36 7 Darryl Shelnut 140 1091
54 161 Ross Zumbach 140 1091
37 9 Rob Partelo 131 1100
38 97 Patrick Starapoli 131 1100
39 91 Ray Meylan 126 1105
40 9 Kurt Jett 119 1112
41 09 John Wes Townley 116 1115
42 8 Micheal Seeright 116 1115
43 46 Matt Cohen 115 1116
44 78 John Gerstner 111 1120
45 26 Kyle Mitchell 108 1123
46 36 Rodney Benefield 108 1123
47 17 AJ Fulgenzi 104 1127
48 57 Jason Garver 97 1134
49 32 Stuart Dutton 94 1137
50 24 Stuart Wilkerson 88 1143
51 55 James Kawahata 5 1226
52 12 Brandon Brilliant-R 5 1226

I didn’t think that “ALL” of the cars from the CCMP challange series fit the ASA profile to run with the ASA. I thought ASA was only running crate motors. ASA let some GAS series cars run with added weight(? 200lbs), 56% left and a 6300 chip. I really don’t know how some of those big motors from CCMP will run with a 6300 chip in them. But I do no that all cars run a 6300 chip in ASA. And I really think that every car on the track should have an RSS system also. With some cars having it and some cars not having it it has been a problem in the past. I am waiting to here from ASA to see if they will have rentals on hand. I had to rent one my first two races. It is well worth it. And make sure you come with an empty fuel cell. New cars to the series, it is 25 gallons of ASA fuel for a one day event (just race day) and 40 gallons if there it is a two day event (Friday pratice). ASA color codes their fuel and several cars got busted at CCMP at the first ASA race. They check all cars. And if you are a new car planning on coming you should call ASA and regester so they know how many cars are coming so ASA knows how much tires and fuel they need to bring. And ask them to send you your decals and patches. They are manditory and easyer to do at home. At Georiga 11 un-regestered cars came and there wasn’t enough tires and fuel to go around and one car had his number facing the wrong way and he blew half the practice changing it.

Please read the rule book. This isn’t your local Saturday nite show. Good luck.:ernaehrung004:

I talked to ASA yesterday and they said that they had 4 RSS systems at the last race for rent. If you do not have one and are planning on racing with the ASA at CCMP please let them know that you need one when you call to regester. There will probily be more than 4 new cars at CCMP. Safety first.

Attention all CCMP Late Models.

I got off the phone and have the email from ASA South’s Ron Varney. And there only two things that our cars will have to do:

  1. Run the ASA Official Hoosier Tires (will be aviablie Friday Night for the ASA OFFICAL TEST and TUNE).
  2. Entty Fee for the race.

You will be use your CCMP total rule package. The ASA South Series will score only their Late Models and they must pass their rules. Call :smilie_bett: for your slabs early 941-575-7223.
Gary Laplant


That is not exactly true. I am pretty sure what Ron said is the only two thing that CCMP car will do different than ASA rules say. 1) engine and weight package. 2) Pay entry. No mebership required.

They still have to run by the ASA rules. ASA tires are a given. You can’t even practice without ASA tires and you have to qualify on “stickers”. That means you need two sets. They have to run ASA fuel. New cars are a 25 gallon min if you don’t practice Friday. If you do you will have to buy 15 gallons more. They will run a 6300 chip or a ASA Crane box. They will have to have ASA decals, well, unless they don’t want to get paid. They will have to meet ASA safety requirments. They will have to have a Hans Device. They will have to have all of the safety data sheets filled out before going on the track. They will have to tie wire the rearend bolts. They will have to meet ground clearance heights and thread widths. Ect. Ect. Ect.

This comes from Tech Director Bob Varney and Head Tech Director Russ Chapman. This is an ASA race not a CCMP challange and they will run by ASA rules.

Please read the rule book.

Please read the entry form.

And please pre regester.

Gary, talking to Ron Varney about tech is like talking to Bobby Deihl about tech. They are promoters. They have people to that tech stuff for them. They have oth$r thing$ to worry about. You should call Russ Chapman in the morning and ask him if this is a run what you brung race or an ASA race and let me know if I got the facts wrong. I think you are mislead the CCMP challange racers. ASA has one rule book and it already has provisions in it for different engine and weight packages so ASA is really only doing one change for CCMP cars to the ASA rule book. 1) Waving the membership fee. That is it.

So please let me know if ASA is telling you something different than anything I have listed above.


P.S. Again, I am not sure where you are getting your info but the official ASA practice is from 1:00 to 4:00. LOL You said Official ASA test and Tune.


I called all of the parties involved today and sent them this thread. Again, I was told today by Ron Varney that he would email you and Bobby to help you understand that this is an ASA race not some kind of a challange race or run what you brung race. Ron told me that everything that I posted was correct. That all CCMP cars will run by the ASA rules. The ASA rule book has provisions for different engine combo. And if Russ thinks they need tweacked at the track he will.

I just don’t understand why you guys are trying to make it so difficult for your racers. Why the smoke screen. It is better to let the racers know the rules well before they get to the track. It will be hard for some of them to raise there ride heigth up to 4 inches at the track or do decals at the track, or seal of air ports evacuating air out of the cockpit, or even worse. Not be able to run because they don’t meet the basic safety requirements or their ignition won’t accept a chip or just something stupid like the guy with the roof number facing the wrong way. Ron Varney will blow his freakin stack if you come acrossed the stage for driver intro’s with no ASA sponsor patches on your driver uniform. You will probabily start the race from pit road. A lot of this stuff is way easier to do at the shop and now you have let your racers blow a week thinking they are running by CCMP rules. Why?

When you register you acknowlegde that you have read the rule book. Why hide it. It’s no big deal. It’s just a rule book. CCMP cars have always been able to run with the ASA. There was CCMP cars in the first ASA race of the year at CCMP. ASA is not changing the rule book for this race. They are only waving the membership fee for this race for cars that have not run in ASA this year. That is it. Period. I don’t understand why the smoke screen.

Listen, I hope all of 'em show up. The more the marrier. But it is a feasco when 10 or 15 extra car show up and they don’t know what the rules are and they didn’t even pre register. There is not enough tires to go around and we ran out of ASA fuel. It sucks. I know. I’ve been there.

One other thing. You don’t have to call for your slab early. That is what pre registering is all about. ASA parks us not CCMP. You don’t pre register, you don’t get on the list.

Look. I am just trying to get the correct info out there. We had the same problem at Sonia, and the same problem 4 weeks age at Concord and every race we are helping a newbe do there decals or something stupid so they can get on the track. Just read the rules.

Thanks again:ernaehrung004:

No wonder this series has gone to the dumper, dont let the ccmp cars run and it will probably be 11 car race :smilie_bett: