A very special moment in time! An act of kindness & love!

I was not able to go racing this weekend but Robert Howell sent me an email telling me a little about an event at CCMP and I want to share it with you. Even tho things dont always go well at race tracks there are times we can never forget. I think this was one of those times… Thank you Robert for sharing this… Photos also credited to Robert…:engel016: When you make a child smile, you make God smile…

"Last night at CCMP there were three kids from the Make-A-Wish foundation, on hand that I was lucky enough to meet and get to take their picture having fun at the track and getting to ride in the parade lap in the Tow truck. These kids had a blast and were so thankfull of Bobby for having them out and let them enjoy the night. It brought great pride to me to know all of the good CCMP has done to help other and be a small part of it.This was a touching time for me and also helped renew my drive to help others and do what can be done to make a differnce. Thanks Bobby for makeing CCMP a place like this and for having these groups out to help inspire us all. Here are a few pics of the kids hope the pics inspire you in some way as they did me taking them.

A few of their comments after the parade lap ride were ( this is so cool) ( we went so fast, it felt like 100 miles per hour) and they were smiling ear to ear, haveing fun and getting to be kids."


carol can you tell me or find out what it takes to do more for kids like these i would like to do something for them racing fishing or other wise

That Is Just So Cool If Ever W Can Help



I work at Health Park medical center in Fort myers we have the pediatric oncology center fort south west FL. I transport those kids alot and let me tell you become very greatfull for what you have. Those kids are fighting for there lives and they are still smiling. Any little problem you have seems small when you see them.


you are so kind. i will find out what i can and will help put something special together for the children… thank you …

Make-A-Wish does alot of good things for kids and they do have a website where you can check them out. They are always looking for money to help fulfill sick children’s wishes.

Kimber was lucky enough to be granted a Make-A-Wish when we lived in California and she was only one of a handfull of kids with these two chronic illnesses. Her wish was to meet Patrick Swayze but he was busy filming and could not meet her. But they did send me, her brothers, sister-in-law and neice to Disneyland in California and Knotsberry Farm for a few days. They also did get her a picture from Patrick Swayze that he personally signed to her. Her name was given to them by the Arthritis Foundation in Los Angeles.

Disney actually took us thru the backdoor, since she was in a wheelchair and could not walk, for the rides. They gave us a beautiful room and even alittle spending money so she could get some things at Disney. At that time we lived in Lompoc, California and about 3 hours from L.A. But they try their best to send the kids wherever they want to go if possible or to a certain event or to meet certain movie stars, sports stars, etc.

But look on the computer for Make-A-Wish and you will find out how to donate money, time, etc. for these kids. The kids usually have chronic illnesses like she did and are pretty sick.

A few years back when I was running Mansfield in Ohio we got involved with a child out of Columbus Ohio. He wanted to go to Mansfield to the races. I set it up for him to come the night ISMA supermodifieds where there. Then I spread the word about this child being there. What happened next was beyond belief. ISMA went to there sponser for help. Our local drivers all got together to help.We had this child all over the place that night. He had a blast. Then we brought him to the front stretch during autograph session. ISMA’s sponser had got him a trip to disney for him and family. He also got a bike and many gifts from the drivers. It was a tear jerking moment even for the toughest guys. It goes to show you how this group of people, no matter how tough they act will have the biggest heart when you do something like this.
The parents sent thank you notes and called to thank us. My response was to thank them and the little boy. Why did I thank them? They where the brave ones going through a crisis not us. They taught some of us how little some of our problems really are.

MAKE A WISH,RELAY FOR LIFE,MARCH OF DIMES, AND WALK FOR OTISM (spelling i know) these where the groups I was involved in. They are great groups and great people. A little bit of your time is a huge help to them.

This entire thread is awesome!..Let’s get together!!!

When we pull together in love, it really touches me. Sometimes we fight and disagree and act like fools. But when a child is in danger we are all like soldier ants running around making sure our colony is secure and looking out for each other.
it is really hard for me to understand why children have to suffer… but i think they give us strength. They fight their demons and they continue to smile and be optimistic…their faith is so strong and even when some of them know they will die they never give up…every minute is precious…
they appreciate the tiniest acts of kindness & it seems their faces are constantly smiling…
Lets try to find ways to give these children something to remember us for. Something to make them laugh and enjoy their short time on this earth.
We can choose one person to be in charge of everything collected… Money, tickets to a special event… depending on what and how much we collect we can then decide what to do & who to do it for. Remember we have to send them with chaperones and have to pay for them too. With all the racers, fans, and track owners in Florida…we should make a huge difference in the life of a child who may, or may not be here with us next year… are you guys game? lets have some suggestions and form a small group to handle it…
one person cannot do it all. we need a promoter, someone trustworthy to open an account and handle the money. someone to work with the foundation and select a child or even a couple…
Please put your feelings for me aside and think ONLY of these precious children…
carolwicks aka OZ

In just a moment I fell in LOVE!!!

[SIZE=“4”]I feel so bless no matter what happens. These three kids touched my heart. The two have fought a battle against cancer. A they WON!!! They where both in the hospital at the same time. And both where only given 6 months at best to live. The fight comes from not only within, but also through the friendship of others. It can move mountain or maybe even ward off the cancer cells. These three kids are the newset MEMBERS of our CCMP ARMY!!! They have fallen in love with Stock Car Racing. Sometimes I get so tired of the fight to survive in the race track business. Then you meet poeple that have had to take survival up a knock or two. My problems are nothing. Their must be a GOD. Becuase he sent three of his Angles to me when I needed them most. Thanks Robert for freezing the moments in time.:engel016: (just this once)
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Thanks Ron your going to make their Day!!!

[SIZE=“4”]I was calling Ron Abney about the Open Wheel race this weekend. And of coarse we started talking about the Girls. If he gets his motot fixed he will take the Make a Wish Team around and see the pits. Meet the Stars of the SHOW and even sit in his cars while there running to give them a real treat. These kids have lost everything and are in desprate need of things. One Family has fallen apart due to the pressures of fighting the cancer. The other has spent every dime they own to save the child. When you meet the mom she is wonderful and I can’t imagine the type of person would walk away from his family. Thanks Ron for make their life have a spiecal day.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

We are Fostering the two girls!!!

[SIZE=“4”]I spoke with Nikki one of the Mothers. We foster Kids in need. And after speaking with her I asked if it would be OK. She said the Girls would love being loved. It’s hard times with all the parts of life pulling on them. The Girls will not be at the Track this weekend. One has to be with the Father. Court mandated. But they will be their next week. She was sad that they would not be able to take “The Ron Abney Pit Safari”, but would love to have him take the Family when the time works out. Thanks Ron for the offer. You are truly a giving person. I keep you up to date on these three. I can’t wait to get them hooked up with KRISTEN & CHRIS MILTHALER. I sure they give the CCMP ARMY welcome.
Bobby Diehl [/SIZE]