auburndale speedway and young brandon morris

some people probably ain’t gonna like what i say but guess what i don’t care but lets face it the young man can wheel a car .

so if he is leading the points and you can’t out run him and you can’t get him ran off then leave him alone and let him race .

he must be pretty talented driver to be so young and to drive so clean i never see him mirrow driving any one or being a bottom feeder now if some of you guys have been racing 10 -20- 30 or 35 years and that young man is out running you suck it up and don’t worry about it -

when he gets your age i’m sure he will be what ever he wants to be but i’ll bet you he will be more famous than the cry babies that are trying to take the points championship away from him . RON ABNEY SR :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

Hey (My Buddy RONNIE).

I just got a email from Dave W. that said this Morris kid’s DQ from last week was reversed… don’t know anything more that that.

I emailed Dave for some kind of explaination becasue an earlier statement said he was inspected TWICE earlier, and some how after all that… it was reversed ? ?? ?

Don’t know him… wasnt’ there last week… don’t know anything more (but glad he got his win back).

At Ccmp

He has drove two or three race’s and that kid can drive, I think the first race there he gave Arron Williamson all he could handel and allmost beat him.

Hope to see brandon at CCMP this weekend for the sportsman race this kid has talent.

Robert :huepfen024:

Just curious. What was he DQ’ed for and what happened to the tech man having the final decision. If the tech man called him wrong he must have been wrong as im sure if it is the same tech man they have always had he really knows his stuff especially on street stocks and sportsmans. Who reversed the decision. This is in no way a slam on Brandon as I agree he can drive a car but if his car is wrong on Saturday how it become legal on Monday or Tuesday?

i don’t know any thing except as we were leaving with our car

there were a lot of people standing around his car over by bull pen and all i see as we were driving by was a timing light . did not see or know nothing else except for past couple weeks they have been all over that young man

we raced both our open wheels saturday night and we were busy but i allways watch the sports man race and brandon morris put it on them

and he won the race he is leading the points and as allways when it gets down to the last couple races left people do funny things

but when a young man out runs you get over it . he just out drove them he did not out cheat them .

i have no special interest in this matter i have probably never said more than two words to brandon morris in my live my son use to race with his dad and i use to race with his grandfather trust me both of them can also wheel a car

what i am trying to explain is they don’t have to cheat to win they have the knowledge - they didn’t just fall out of the turnup tree yesterday .

they work on there car it goes tru the corner and the young man can drive
so why is it when a young person out runs some one that has been racing longer than dirt they get upset

weather he wins the points or not he is a winner maybee he out ran a cheater and the other guy says huh he has to be cheating or he could not out run me who knows

two sides to ever story right ron abney sr :ernaehrung004:


yes it is true brandon is now the winner from saturday night.

yes thank you guess i have said enough

to start with it was none of my bussiness i don’t race in there class .

i don’t hang out with them . it’s rex 's track and competion man makes the call as long as what they say it’s the final word

and if any thing happened after we left it was over with all i meant was that he is a very good driver and that is what people come to see racing and competition and rex doe’s good job of running that place happy holloween to ever one === eat moe candy ==

I was there and don’t have anything to do with their team either. But I heard from one of the officials that wayne morris wanted them to tear down there motor, but the motor isn’t the problem, head tech put both hands over the carburator and the engine never quit. seems to be getting more air from somewhere? Plus wayne was yelling and cussing so loud you could hear him throughout the pits, he was very rude and didn’t care. in my opinion he should of been dqed for the way his dad handled himself. but both have plenty of work to do this week after both wrecking in their races at ccmp.