Tracks working together. The future in Florida Short Tract racing.

[SIZE=“4”]It sure was GREAT at the Track meeting with the FAST Late Model Series. It shows with communications we can do the best job possible for the car counts for all. The Tracks that were there:
New Smyrna
and us from CCMP. Each will be getting two races each. WOW!!! What a Series. The Fans of Late Models will be in for a TREAT!!!
Even the end of this year we are seeing the Tracks working together. The Gov. Cup is coming up next weekend. Rex dropped his Late Model Race and moved the Open Wheels Modifies to this weekend. We are moving our Finale of the Q-AIA Modifies to 12-5-09. It will give the Races and Fans the Best shot a car count. Thanks to all of the tracks for working together. 2010 could be the NEW Beginning for everyone supporting Short Track Racing in Florida.
What do you think?
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

I think it is great to see tracks working together.

Hope to see you on 12-5-09!!!

[SIZE=“4”]It works for everyone. Fans, Racers, and Track alike. This is our Q-Auto Injurys Attoreny’s OWM Finale:
This race will be a 50 lap race [SIZE=“5”]WITHOUT A ENTRY FEE[/SIZE]!!!

10 TO 16 CARS $750.00 TO WIN

17 TO 24 CARS $1000.00 TO WIN

25 CARS OR MORE 1500.00 TO WIN

Tires : American Racer, Goodyears or Hossiers 8 inch Treaded tires.

Hope to see you on 12-5-09.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

There are a lot of great things happening right now… Had a chance to talk with Dick Anderson Friday and he is so excited about how the FAST program is coming together… The first “test” of the formula (Marion Edwards race) was the best LM race I’ve seen at OSW in a long time…
Had time to look at the Auburndale Schedule for 2010 after the races Saturday night and Rex is working hand in hand with the closest track to him (Citrus) in race scheduling and getting the rules to match along with putting on an entertaining show that can still be profitable…
The car count for TBARA at Citrus was a good shot in the arm for them and from what I hear, there could be a few changes made to bring the TBARA back to the staus it had a couple years ago…
Talked to Don Rehm at Zephyrhills and he told me that each track the Top Gun series runs at has added an extra race for 2010 giving them around 12 races for 2010…
All in all, a lot of good news… now if I can just find a job!!

Your Storys are GREAT!!!

Dave the reporting on Aburndales race have been GREAT. Keep up the good work.

Bobby, where can we get info about the Fast Late Model series.

Mr south

I cant find it right now but there was a web site address on an earlier post n here and said more info would be out soon if I find it I will post it here.


Sorry we need to change the OWM date to 12-12-09.

[SIZE=“4”]We didn’t look far enough NORTH. There is a $3500.00 to Win at 5 Flags on the 12-5-09 weekend. Sorry another moving it to the week before Eddie’s race at Citrus, but it the best we could do. Again working together helps everyone.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

It is good to see tracks working together but the race at CCMP has been there all year and some of the guys that race there had scheduled other activities with their families. As we expected our season to end on the 21st of Nov. In this instant it didn’t help the guys that race CCMP on a regular basis. Bobby you should’ve left your race alone as it looks as though our season is now over due to prior comittments.

Scooter71 your right.

[SIZE=“4”]Hind sight is always 20/20. We moved the date to make the best for all the parts of the puzzle. The first move to the 12-5-09 made the phone ring off the hook. Many Teams had their sights on the Snowbirds. So moving it to 12-12-09 would allow for the full field. We have been averaging 12 to 14 cars. With 7 to 10 team not wanting to mess up their race for Eddie at Citrus on 12-19-09. We decided that the Season has been a long of racing twice a month for the 2009 Season. Here is the 2009 Points Chase to date:
1 53 Doug Miller 1649
2 8 Kent McLean 1433
3 71 LB Skaggs 1406
4 12 Eric Rudd 1306
5 2r John Rogers 1044
There would be no major change by racing the last event. So congrats goes to Doug Miller “The CCMP 2009 Q-IAA OWM Champion”. We will have a Special Race in Jan. during the Punta Gorda WORLDS FAIR.
The Q-Injury Accident Attorneys will be the Title Sponsor of the BIG Race on Saturday Night Jan.30,2010. The Teams that race the Q-Qualifier will be pulled then and start their 2010 season right. We will have the rest of the details shortly. Scooter again your right. We are always trying to improve and working on our 2010 schedules, with Auburndale, and Citrus. Hopefully we will not have to try to make any changes. Good luck at the last races (Auburdale, Citrus, and 5 Flags) in the State and have a Happy Holidays.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

I wanted to post and say good job to the owners involved it is a win win for everyone. :aktion033:
I am really looking forward to this series, hopefully we can make a few of the races ourselves.

(It would be nice to see a lot more of you responding to this thread but since it is not a negative thread it won’t get many replies.)

I’m glad to see them working together with the scheduling. I haven’t responded sooner because I’ve heard this before and then, well you know. Hope they continue and work on similar rules for all their classes. There’s more to working together than just scheduling a few races. Good luck.

I understand and I am cautiously optimistic myself. I just hope that since this is a series run some big name racers, and not a track affiliated operation that there will not be any hard feelings involved.

Just my thought.

[SIZE=“5”]This Series is the first one that is truly based on helping everyone in these troubled times. It is to support to the FANS, Racers, and the Tracks. I believe they have got it right. It takes a lot of hard work to put something like this together. Good job to all those involved.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]:ernaehrung004:

It does look like this will be a good series… But I am truly hoping and being optimistic that as this progresses, it doesn’t squash some track owners toes or cause some jealousy with the Tracks if the car counts remain up… If this survives this will be a big step towards making things work with different tracks in the state…

Let’s all cross our fingers that all stays good with things…