Laps, Laps, Laps.....I need your help still have many to fill ! Please Help !

We still have a bunch of laps to sell, time is running out and this is a great way we raise money for the families, please help.

$20 each and $10 goes right to the families…I need you help badly !

Thanks !

Really need your help

Please help me
fill the laps

All Lap sponsors names are on insert in the program and will be mentioned on the PA during the race event.

Thanks !

Do you take credit cards?

If so, my website will pitch in to help.


Sorry I am not set up to take credit cards. I will be for next year. Thanks for being willing to help. Hopefully next time.

I’ve got a door prize for you and a lap payment too. Lets try to get together at NSS on Friday.


I will be there Saturday helping Mark with announcing etc.
We will catch up. Thanks