The Granddaddy Of All Bus Races Nov 27 Crash A Rama

Look for Jim Erb to try to win yet another in a long line of wins in the figure eight school bus race.NEW group of drivers should be great.BE THERE!!!

So who are some of the new drivers? Are they all rich kids whose daddys pay the way, or are they typical demo quality racers?

I’m kidding of course, because Crash A Rama is the only racing left where money can’t buy success.

Amen!!!my Brother.

Just make sure no-one’s fitting a mini-starter to their school bus…


Is ten gallons of NITRO good or should we go more.

Cant wait should be lots of fun!!!

Good job winning the championship William.Win or loose come over after and have a cold one see you next Friday.

thanks. For sure.

Sunshine Speedway

The last school bus figure 8 race at Sunshine Speedway is and always will be the Grand Daddy of School Bus Racing.

no way

Orlando Has and always will have the biggest and baddest bus racing!

I remember OSW starting 28 buses in 07’ after two laps they were coming into the X four wide and 3 deep!:sprachlos020: