How To Change a Fan Belt

[SIZE=“4”]Bet you never changed a fan belt like this?..

How to Change a Fan Belt

Yes…yes, I have…many times…

Before he went into business for himself, my Dad was the service manager at Cortez Volkswagen (Bradenton). When he left there and opened his own repair shop, he/we specialized in Volkswagens and while we worked on anything that came through the door, we were the place to take your air or water cooled VW back then…(other than the dealer).

I got caught both by Dad and by the generator pulley quite a few times. Not sure what hurt worse: the sprained finger or the boot in my ass.

Thanks Mr Fenton, for the memory…

[QUOTE=Osmosis Jones;38115]Yes…yes, I have…many times…

[SIZE=“4”]Very kewl Matt. I had never seen it done before.

Goes to show ya learn something everyday…[/SIZE]