30 Hrs Till Citrus

OK FOLKS… about 30 hours until Citrus… I see some people that can’t make it… but just wondering who from KARNAC Land will be making their way to this great endevor… gonna be lots of good racing. Weather gonna be just great.

Can’t see going to East Bay with all the O/W’s at Citrus.

The way to head this weekend is NORTH - NORTH/WEST

Come on - who’s going?

I’ll be there - I’ll come and say hello if I can remember what it was you had written on your special hat that made it easy to spot you. What was it again? LSU? UCF? AAA? Something like that, I just can’t remember… :blink:

10-4 on that OSF. We are leaving in an hour or so. We want to get some good interviews of those that loved Eddie. The weather is supposed to clear up this afternoon and we will practice and have some good food and fellowship. Make sure you see me tomorrow and shake my hand. I have on a blue and black Fl video shirt on. Hope to see abunch of you there. Bob…

i will be at the track

[SIZE=“5”]WOOOO I WILL BE AT THE TRACK ALL DAY!!!:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:[/SIZE]

Hey Andy…

For you - just look for a hat that has an arrow pointing upwards and the letters “URS”. I am gonna try my darnest to get your email addy so I can forward some of the stuff I get from these weirdo’s on KARNAC.

Just remember to dress warmly!

I am planning on being there. I would like to meet some of you. I will be around my nephew’s car(#83) and wearing an OUTBACK bowl cap.


I will be there as well. I will wear my Dodge Motorsports hat. Should be a great race!

I was going to go and write for karnac but something else came up for tomorrow night and now I need to do that with my mom. She is having a rough time without her husband of 61 years being home during Christmas so going to take her to a boat parade and hopefully cheer her up. But if it looks to be cold or real windy, she won’t go and then I will head towards Citrus. Just have to wait and see.


I am really looking forward to my first visit to Citrus, what time does everything get started tonight?

Hey Boney Maroney…

:teufel021:are you going to be able to make the race tonight. hope so… i will be in the pits with wayne, tony, and sean… stop by if you go… if not, have a crappy weekend!!! J/K
love ya

[B]How about a very worn[SIZE=“4”]“AARP”[/SIZE] on his hat…:huepfen024:

-Ge Um-[/B]