Eddie Brann Memorial

  1. Wayne Jefferson
  2. Curtis Neumann
  3. Sean McLaughlin
  4. Kyle Bookmiller
  5. David Foster
    39 cars 26 started feature
    B Main winners- Pat Nanney and Sammy Coghill
    Good Job guys!

Wayne & Paula, Tony & Cheryl…Sean…U 2 Barbie!

Bobby & I are safe at home. Thank you for a very special night. talk later. luv you…
carol aka OZ

durn Wixy, you musta drove like a bat out heck. I ain’t ben home long and I left a lot earlier than you. Yes Carol it was a special night. Its been a long time since I have seen that many Mod’s in the same place. It was awesome. Glad to have spent a little time with you. I am glad you and Bobby got home safe.Bob…

There are a lot of things about Florida I don’t much care for, but being able to go to a good race on December 19, when the rest of the world is freezing and covered in snow, isn’t one of them!

what was wrong with second place car scotty mcdaniels

kinda hard to lose a thousand dollars lot cars went cross scales 3-4 times

do tell sure glad tonys car was ok sure was running good lot outta town cars were wrong do tell — 3 cars outta b main track picks two

would have been nice when you have to start in rear in new car and catch third place car at checkered flag to take four after crossing scales five times
you win some you lose some right , can;t bring a knife to a gun fight should not have put that crate motor in should have put that miami motor in then you can run with big dogs if you can cross scales merry christmas :huepfen024::huepfen024::huepfen024:

Hey Rob was a pleasure meeting you at Citrus. My front end width was too wide. Knew we were gonna be close, so we will fix it and be back. Love to race at Citrus and we are finally getting closer to a good set up there. Had a great time this weekend was a pleasure racing with the “big dogs” in our class. Want to thank all involved in putting this event together especially Tony Carreno. You da man.
Scott McDaniel #19 Modified


This was your best race ever… I am so sorry you got DQ’d. But you have a great attitude and I feel there are some checkered flags ahead for you. I was so happy to see you again. Missed Arlynne and Hannah! Hang in there…the car is fast and you drove it like a pro ! :wink: you are right about Tony…This would not have happened like it did if he wasnt in charge and dont forget that behind every good man is a gooder woman! hahaha almost kidding but Tony’s wife was his right arm… She worked very hard supporting him thru the whole event. Well you guys… Barbie will need our support for a long time to come. So be sure to check on her and keep her in your prayers. Her healing has begun… Merry Christmas Scott to you and your family.
love always
carol aka oz

scott mcdaniel thanks for the responce

you drove the wheels off that car did great job guess when they they dq you and lost thousand dollars left bad taste in your mouth see ya we went cross scales 5 times and still wrong

Thanks Carol. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas as well!
Rob, losing the money always sucks but what really sucks is losing a 2nd place finish in that race with 38 of the best in the state there. That bothers me more than the money, not seeing our car number in between Jefferson and Neuman. But it is what it is and on we go.

Scott you ran a good race amongst some of the greatest modified drivers in FL. I must also give congratulations out to Sean McLaughlin he is one of the cleanest drivers you will race against and a great guy as well.

scott mcdaniel i like your attitude look you still

finshed second and yes jefferson and nuemann and robbie cooper are as good as they get there were like you said some of the fastest cars in state there and you were as fast at end as you were at start

if there had have been twenty two more laps no telling who would have won looked like you were getting faster

you still finshed second i lost a race once for one pound yeah i pound did i ever for get it no ten years later that guy was racing at a track were my friend was competition man i let him pass me with four laps to go and he was two lbs light have merry christmas and happy new year see ya next year

RON ABNEY SR open wheel 35-14 :sport009::sport009: