The lastest up grade for the BUDDY'S Late Model 150 Memorial at CCMP this weekend!!!!

[SIZE=“4”]We have had some calls with changes.
1.Joe Winchell
2.Steve Dorer
3.Blake Koch LM and FASTRUCK
4.Wayne Anderson
5.Travis Hanson (Will not make it)
6.Brian Blum (is thinking hard on if he’ll make it)
7.Team Bigley (Drivers TBA)
8.Richie Anderson
9.Steve Gill
10.Barry Bartlett III Has finished his rear and will be practicing Saturday
11.Johnny Kay
12.Gary Padual
13.Bobby Shelton
14.Donnie Varoe
15.Patrick Starpoli
16.Ross Chastain Late Model and FASTRUCK
17.Andrew Carbonell
18.Dustin Dunn
19.David Weaver
20.Mike Knotek
21.Daryl Shelnut
22.Ray Hester
23.Scott Walters
24.Joe Boyd
25.Stephen Nassi
26.James Glover (May not make it)
27.Seth Greco
28.Scotty Grossenbacher (will not make it)
29. Perry Lovelady
30.Tyler Laig
31. Randy Fox
32. Rob Elting “BONE HEAD”
Add David King
It is going to be good.
I will give you the good and bad updates.
Bobby Diehl[/SIZE]

Can not wait it is all most here should be a great two days, and a great late model race on Sunday.:huepfen024:

When does the racing start?


When does the acutal racing start? I know Qualifying is at Noon.


Looking to do the Parade Lap at 1:00.

Looking to have the Parade Lap at 1:00. With the Late Models starting at 2:00. That’s our plan and I can’t wait myself!!!:ernaehrung004:

If I counted right there is 16 late models here for practice allready

Robert we had 19!!!

[SIZE=“5”]We had 19 practicing during the day. Wayne Anderson call said he could not make it. But Kelly Called to say he was bring the #21 Rocket. He said put the coofee on that he will be at 8:00 am!!! [/SIZE]

Cool some were allready in the trailors when I counted should be a great race I hear more will be here in morning

A few pics of cars that were there for practice, with many more to come tomorrow.

Weather is clear let’s go racing

Just wondered what happened to all the cars that had called for pit slabs, read there was to be like 30 late models that called and said they would be there. Got to that track early, sun was shining, just a perfect day as for weather and 16 late models total. I don’t know were all the cars where, but then I noticed as the race was ready to start there was like not even half the grandstands filled. I sure hope the sport I love the most isn’t fading away. Man I just don’t know where the drivers or the fans have gone???

[B][I]You have your answer in your statement:

you were suppose to watch 30+ cars, only 16 or so were there, no wonder stands are empty. People do not believe in this kind of advertising anymore, it’s not the first time it happen and not the only race track, race fans got caught too often. That same dead horse riding again…[/I][/B]

Besides most racers are trying to get their cars ready for the start of race season. Like you said it’s not the first track or the first time this has happened in Jan.

NFL Playoffs, that is another big reason.

I posted it on the previous blah blah blah post. You don’t go head to head against the NFL playoffs!!! Should have ran the race next Saturday night, no playoffs!! Wow what a concept!!

You must be a real football fan, I myself recorded the game I wanted to see and watched it when I got home. Wow another concept, watched a football game with no commercials, but don’t care much anyways the Steelers weren’t playing. Like I said my favorite sport is auto racing, yours must be football…To each his own, sure was a great day to watch a race though, warm sun, a light wind and ice cold beer…