Figure 8 drivers For the Blast

I have two figure 8 drivers who have called for the Blast from the past,They want to run we need to come up with a couple more so they can race too.If you know any one that is 60 and wants to compete in figure 8’s at the blast
contact me asap so we can put on the agenda.Thanks,Joyce 352-942-2369

(Paul) Grynewicz, Bill Miller, Bill Ringheisen, Denny, J.R., and Charlie Meyer all gotta be up there…LOL…Ray Woosley…buncha names I can’t remember right now…(should “CRS” set in before you turn 40 - next month for me…LMAO - or does all that come later? Fenton? OSF? Jim-somethin’-or-other…?? Hheheheheheeee…;))

Paul Gryniwicz, Denny Meyers, and Charlie Meyers are still around. I saw Denny at citrus at the Eddie Brann race. I saw pauls son a few weeks ago. Jeret Meyers, I think he’s JR’s grandson, was at CCMP this past weekend. I think Bill miller passed. Bob…

you might as well give charlie meyers the throphy now

he is as fast today as he was when he was young — find aaron collier dan daughtry lester sloan tom brown - tiny bill miller and all st pete gang phill kesseler boy i can just see the figure eight drivers now

Them were the days weren’t they Ron. The whole bunch at Sunshine used to race in St pete and bust butt accross the bridge to Desoto and race all over. And put on a show they did. Bob…

sorry ron 3 out of the 4 you posted have passed lester is the 1 left out of the 4 obove

Paul will be there he is why this began about figure 8’s. So keep em coming.
Thanks Joyce

Does anyone know if Butch Johnston is still around. Butch was one of the original drivers when Leo Musgrave built the track, and continued racing into the early 70’s. There was one stretch when Butch was driving the # 12, that he won 7 out of 10 features against guys like Dan Daughtry,Lester Sloan, Denny Myers, Aaron Collier, Tommy Brown, C.S.Olks, Butch Yokum, and “The FAT MAN” Elmer Siefert. …As OL’ Gordon Solie would say at Golden Gate… “Watch that intersection!!!”

Butch yokum is still around. We interviewed him at Auburndale last year. Bob…

I talked with Lester’s daughter (Rosie) a few weeks ago… Lester is retired and still living in the same place. I’ll give a PM to you with the contact number tomorrow.

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