Little 500 pricing and notes

Great news on pricing…they will cut the price for our group from $5/ride to $3/ride! All we have to do is mark our right hand with an “X” so the ticket seller can see it. I’ll bring some sharpies, and anyone else who wants to should bring some too. Please spread the word on this so everyone can save some money!

Also, the track management reminds all of us that there can be no open containers on their property. They understand that the empty parking lot across the street is not their property, so please behave accordingly.

Gonna be a blast!

Another reminder: Todd McCreary will be singing autographs from 8-9, so please line up early.

That will be a short line. hahahaha:cool:

I think your talking about the line for Boneman’s CD’s, NOW that would be a short line (I think he only had one made and his wife bought that one).

OSF, you should come and hang out. You don’t have to drive; just stand around eating and shooting the BS. You can handle that!

Don’t tell me its too far. You drive across the state for a good race all the time.


You don’t have any idea how bad it hurts me to miss out on all this fun. And I don’t even want to think about the big round sandwich from Publix.

Trying to get over there to "God Knows Where So. East of ORLANDO after getting off work at 5 pm on a Friday, just won’t cut it. Besides that, I have KARATE with the rug rat M-W-F @ 6p.m.

You can eat my share (I saw what you were capable of eating at NSS a month or so ago). Now, the BS’ing… I can do that real well, but will have to save it for another time…

Good Luck Friday - watch out for flying parts (from U Know Who)… and if trouble breaks out, call for Andy - he’ll have your back for sure.

If it helps, Maitland is more over in the west side of Orlando, about 5 minutes from I-4. Still have to deal with I-4 traffic, but that’s much easier than trying to come across the 408 or 528 to Bithlo.

and if trouble breaks out, call for Andy - he’ll have your back for sure.

From previous experience, Rex’s back is about all most of us will see of him all night out on the track…

Question , I am raising my hand !

Are two open buckets of chicken considered “open containers” ?

I am looking forward to it !

See you all then !

[QUOTE=Rick B.;41261]Are two open buckets of chicken considered “open containers” ?

As long as it isn’t that day old stuff from Publix.

[QUOTE=Old Sunshine Fan;41252]

You can eat my share [/QUOTE]

LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, don’t get me started on that one.

I know excuses excuses… Having karate with the little one is a valid excuse once in a while… So I won’t give you any grief about having your arse handed to you if you did make it there for later in the event…

Just think of how badly you would feel if you had to admit Frass and Ed beat you…


Thanks for making that Phone call Rex… For some of us that will make a huge difference…

Hopefully yonder ole pocket book remains stable so I can get there…