There is a NEW Racing Radio Show you Can't Miss Tomorrow

Tomorrow from 4 to 6 pm, stay tuned to 104.1 FM for the new Tuttle, Charlie Vest and guest star Rusty Marcus radio show. Tuttle, Charlie and Rusty will cover not just local tracks but all Florida racing during the two hour time period. Be sure to listen to the new show and let them know you like it. They will cover from the panhandle of Florida (Five Flags Speedway, Southern Raceway, Northwest Florida Speedway) to South Florida. All the upcoming events and news.

Remember, it is 104.1 FM from 4 to 6 pm tomorrow, Saturday, January 23rd!!!

All right!

DON’T FORGET - 104.1 FM (Real Radio) - Tuttle, Charlie Vest and Rusty Marcus - RACING FROM ALL OVER THE STATE OF FLORIDA


DON’T MISS THEIR FIRST SHOW!!! With Rusty there, you know it is going to be GREAT!!!

I’m listening to 104.1… and it ain’t on…???

It’s 4:05

I was all excited to listen to that as I sit here editing all the photos from last nights racing action. :frowning:

Always nice to hear Men At Work back on the radio though. My band recorded a cover version of that song for our first album…

I just tried to call the station but no answer. I guess I’ll flip though the other Clear Channel stations and see if I find them

Just got an email from Rusty and the show was postponed until next Saturday. Sorry.

That is a shame since I will be at the PASS race at NSS and out of range. I hope they archive it somewhere. Thanks foir the info.