VSP Sprints next week..

So, I was looking at the schedule and the 410s don’t look like they race till wed. Is this a change - I thought they always started on tues?

Can’t wait…went to Jan jumpstart today…love some dirt racin…even the wire to wire races are fun to watch.

410 Sprints will practice on Tuesday night as part of the program with the UMP DIRTcar Modifieds. Actual racing will start on Wednesday for the Sprint Cars with the All Star Circuit of Champions Series.

I went to the website and ordered reserved seats, any chance they can be mailed to my house? I know it says no on the website, just thought i would ask.

It used to start on Tuesdays, but a few years ago, all wound up, I pulled in the driveway to find out I was the only one there (other than a few early campers, and some teams that were simply parked on property.

I was never so disappointed… And I couldn’t make it back the next night either!

Yea, that would have me in a tight spin if that were to happen. I get all wound up like that this time of year and will blabber on here for the next fews weeks. If you are a race fan, you cant get any better than central florida in Jan/Feb.

VSP is holding all seats ordered since the middle of last week for Will Call pickup. It’s just too iffy to trust the USPS to get them anywhere on time.
See you at the track!