Old picture request

Anybody have pictures of John Santo’s corvette #72 or Bobby Gill’s vinyl tech car from the mid to late 80’s(?) I remember those and Joe Shear’s #36 were my favorite looking cars from back then. I have seen numerous pics of Shear’s cars, but havent seen too many of the other two.

The recent posts with the old pics got me all nostalgic.

Don’t remember Santos in a Corvette-bodied car; I do remember the Nova and the Camaro.

My brother might have a pic of the Vinyl-Tech car somewheres in his mid-'80s All-Pro pictures somewheres. No way to scan it, though.

It was definitely a vette…didn’t see it all that much and it was never all that fast, I was a kid and it stood out cuz it was different. Maybe not him, but I was pretty sure.

I have got a 1987 Florida Motor Sports with his car on the front. Give me your e-mail and i wiil try to send it to you. gene02davis@yahoo.com, 1-800-226-3325.:aetsch013:

Just sent you an email - thanks for helping. I woulda posted it on here but there are too many weirdos with inflatable women and such hanging out in these parts…

OHHH! Bubba knows OSF!