Results from Golden Isles night #1

0 Scott Bloomquist
49 Jonathan Davenport
11 Austin Hubbard
41 Brad Neat
116 Randy Weaver
28 Dennis Erb, Jr.
15 Steve Francis
44 Earl Pearson Jr.
44 Chris Madden
39 Tim McCreadie
1 Josh Richards
17 Tim Dohm
16 Justin Ratliff
32c Vic Coffey
15B Dean Bowen
6 Steve Shaver
3 Chesley Dixon
27 Ben Faircloth
9 Dan Schlieper
5 Eric Jacobson
20 Jimmy Owens
22x John Henderson
31 Scott Creel
22 Chris Ferguson

How 'bout that. Austin Hubbard finishing 3rd. Another young gun. Those are some pretty stout drivers he beat. We’ve raced and known Austin about 8 years now. He must be about 18 yrs old now. Also another young gun hotshoe we know in the race was Chris Ferguson. He must have had problems early in the race but I am sure you will be hearing alot out of him this year from what he told us at the PIR show. He has over 200 races scheduled this year with a major sponsor. Good luck to them both.

Good to see Jonathan Davenport running at the front. The “Blaisville Assasin” is unboubtedly one of the most exciting, stand-on-the-gas racers I’ve ever seen. If this guy doesn’t make your hair stand up, you might not have a pulse.

Every time I’ve seen the guy, you can look around the crowd and see the faces of other fans saying “Holy SHIT…!”

He’s THAT exciting!