Updated News on New Racing Radio Show on 104.1 Real Radio

Clear Channel is still working out some of the details for their newest radio show on racing. The show was been postponed only until these details are worked out. As soon as a date for the new show is known, it will be announced here first.

Stay tuned for more updates and the new show will cover ALL of Florida’s great local short tracks not just NASCAR like some have said. The show is meant for all Florida’s great fans and tracks and to showcase what is happening at them and the great racers who race at them.

Don’t worry, it will be here before you know it. Just you know how details go and always needed to be worked out first before a show can go on.

This show will be an asset to Florida short track racing and will take input from alot of people so all the tracks are included. Remember, we have 8 dirt tracks in our state and at least 8 asphalt tracks and that is alot of ground to cover.

Stay tuned for more news!!!

Those details being that Tuttle was let go?

Exactly what I was thinking. Tuddle got canned, and I think he was the go-between for this show. I don’t think 104.1 has any other staff members that would want to be involved, or that know anything about racing.

I’d be surprised if this show ever came about at all.

I have been told that the show WILL happen anyway with or without Tuttle. This came from a very good source and that is what I was told. So watch for more news because I have been told that YES it will still happen.


I have had no spare time lately. What happened to Tuddle? More layoffs or did he do something? And Jane - a big thank you for the update. I was bummed I was going to miss it since I will be at the PASS race.

Anyone know call letters. For station want to see if I can listen to them on the net

The Saturday it was suppose to be on, I could get the station on my computer. I just put in 104.1 Real Radio and it came up and you can listen to it live on the computer.

As for as what happened to Tuttle, I have no clue and did not ask. But I was assured the show will still happen.

BY what the Monster’s were saying, it sounded like he was “laid off” so they could save $$$$$.

Call letters : WTKS REALRADIO 104.1