Jerry and Rex, I will mess you guys Friday.

Just got new schedule for next week. I got bumped off my Thursday, Friday, and Saturday vacation days off at WDW. I was going to meet ya’ll early friday morning and help set up again this year. I’ve been looking forward to the Mod Reunion all year and now this. SUCKS! I don’t get off work till 12:30PM, so if not compleatly wore out I hope to see ya’ll in the early afternoon. If not I’ll be thinking of you guys and the great job you do with the Mod Reunion.

Sorry to hear that Fred. Hopefully you’ll be able to come in the afternoon and just enjoy yourself without all the manual labor stuff.

And Thanks again for the help last year. I can’t do some of these things by myself, so all the help I’ve gotten from you, Rex and Roger had been greatly appreciated.

Don"t worry about helping, just make sure you get there and have some FUN!

Hey oneoff, you were scheduled to judge the bikini contest. Now we have to find someone else…

Don’t be too upset - Jerry and Rex were scheduled to be the only two contestants. :eek: