How late will NSS stick it out today?

Is there a set game plan for this evening as far as how long they will wait? ie Are they commited to getting it in tonight (being that it might be 9-10 before they can run). After two nights at VSP, my wife thinks i will be home tonight due to rain, I need to know how to play this on my end so I don’t get in trouble with mama.

Keep your eye on and they are doing updates from New Smyrna. I am sure you will find your answer there if they call it or if they are going to race. Here is today’s schedule that speed51 had posted:

:00 Gates Open/Tech Opens
10:00 SK/Tour Tech Opens / Tires open 9:00
10:30 Fuel Opens
11:00 Practice Begins
11:00-11:15 Late Models Yellow Stickers
11:20-11:35 Florida Mods
11:40-11:55 Super Late Models Red Stickers
12:00-12:15 Tour Mods
12:20-12:35 Crate/ASA Late Models Green Stickers
12:40-12:55 SK Mods Red Stickers
1:00-1:15 Late Models Yellow Stickers
1:20-1:35 Florida Mods
1:40-1:55 Super Late Models Red Stickers
2:00-2:15 Tour Mods
2:20-2:35 Crate/ASA Late Models Green Stickers
2:40-2:55 SK Mods Red Stickers
4:00 Qualifying
Super Late Models
Late Models
Crate Late Models
Tour Mods
Florida Mods
SK Mods
6:15 Drivers Meeting
7:30 Features Start
Late Models 25 Laps
Florida/IMCA Mods 25 Laps
Super Late Models 30 Laps
Tour Type Mods 25 Laps
Crate/ASA type Late Models 25 Laps
SK Mods 20 Laps

yea, i just posted the question there too, but they didnt have any answers yet.

Hasn’t rained a drop here north of Orlando. It’s windy, but not a drop of rain.

I have been keeping my eyeball on the radar and it isn’t looking good… Hopefully it all blows over… Cause I am jonesin’ for racing…

Might Not Help - But

Raining and quite windy in Tampa, came from the west and headed east… Hope it just GOES AWAY.

Just looked at the radar… Think everybody should shut 'er down before they drown… Sat. and the rest of the weekend looks good though!

Alot of counties are under a tornado watch until 8 p.m.

Radar looks really bad. Lots of rain and really heavy.

Just not sure if they will wait around till 9 or 10 to start the show because it is going to stop around 8 supposedly.

Oh well, no NSS tonight - they just called it.

speed 51 said they are done for the day