Who's going where?.......

Thursday, after the 150’s (should still be 125’s), I’m trying to decide on either going to NSS or Volusia to catch some real racing action as I’m sure to be let down by the show at the Big D…I think the “changes” being made are just gonna be too little/too late to save NASCAR from it’s downward spiral…

Who all is going to be at either one? I want to weigh the odds as to the least likely place I’ll get beat up at. There will be plenty of beer in the back of my truck as long as Binner doesn’t show up early and drink it all while I’m walking around in the pits. He’s sneaky that way.

Anyways, if anybody is gonna be at either one Thursday, give a shout and we’ll hook up.

Seeya, OJ

I’ll be at NSS shooting some really good photos (I hope). I am the one who is the opposite of Jim Jones. I’ll let you figure that one out…

If things go as planned, I’ll be at Volusia. Disclaimer: nothing has gone as planned so far this year. :slight_smile:

Volusia 4 sure is the place to be :ernaehrung004:

Alex and I will also be at Volusia for the World of Outlaw Sprint cars and DIRTcar Mods. There were 74 mods but we may have some more of the local guys come out on the weekend. Don’t know how many sprints are there now since we got rained out last night but have been told plenty and good ones.

Then New Smyrna has their opening night, Hendry county has wingless sprints I believe, East Bay is running double features - this afternoon at 2 and tonight at 7 and I believe citrus runs also. So you have alot to chose from but we will be at Volusia.

Heading to Eastbay!

Heading to Eastbay about 4:00. Heading south on I-75 from Ocala. Let me know if anyone would like a ride!




Well, I am cheating. I will be at NSS every night but I was talking about Thursday when I answered you :slight_smile:

THURSDAY… the 188 will be at NSS doing last minute prep and recruiting for the Reunion.

Promise not to raid your cooler (but making no promises about MY cooler though).

If you’re coming, keep in touch.

The 188? Have you been in the cooler already or are you cloning yourself?

Heading south Thursday for the reunion on Friday. PLEASE NO RAIN!!! :ernaehrung004:

[QUOTE=Osmosis Jones;42201]But…what…about…

Yeah, I was talking about Thursday also. :slight_smile:

Headed to Salt Springs, Friday for my mother’s (82nd) birthday and then to Volusia Friday and Saturday nights. Don’t have tickets for Daytona but may ride over and see if any tickets available.

I’m broke so it’s one race this week for me - USAC at East Bay on Tuesday.

[QUOTE=Osmosis Jones;42201]But…what…about…


I have a shooting competition Thursday night but I will be at Volusia Wednesday and Friday. I think they are running the Big block modifieds.