She is not

going to make it, however, I hope she and Dale Jr. have fun hanging out together.

She has…

made a good show in her first ‘ever’ stock car race. After spinning out and coming from last to 5th and finishing 6th in about 20 laps is a good showing.:huepfen024:
Out of 6 women who started,she finished ahead of the rest.

Good show Danica, and good luck.:ernaehrung004:

?? It doesn’t matter anymore whether a driver can wheel a car, it only matters if they can keep sponsors. Just look at Michael Waltrip, and Kyle Petty. They both had long careers, mostly because they were able to attract and keep sponsors.

Danica can get sponsors, easy. She will be in Nascar for a long time, if that is what she wants to do.

i don’t care who danica is i think she did good gob

for first time in a crash a rama over half the prople on track could not drive

and she was just wanting to get the fill of car she did good so did the other girl that was runnig up front at least she out ran ricky the two wheel wonder carmichael :huepfen024::huepfen024:

Holy Cow

Agree with Mr Ron Abney sr.She did a real good job and how you can tell from one race please. How many years is that ricky kid racing?She looked better than him.

[SIZE=“5”]two wheel wonder / ricky kid racing ? ? ?[/SIZE]

Not taking anything away from Patrick finishing 6th (after coming from the back of the pack and having a great race)… but you guys are a bit hard on RC… he started 14th and finished 7th (up 7 positions), and Patrick started 12th and finished 6th (up 6 positions).
I think they both had good finishes (at least they finished and moved up in positions). RC was a great cycle racer and left that to get into auto racing…must be a person who likes try something new and see’s it as a challenge.
Again, not taking anything away from Patrick - she ran a good race and finished well - but again Carmichael stayed out of trouble and finished 7 positions upward from where he started (not too shabby either)

AND besides that… Don’t piss Jim Fenton off - RC is his nephew!

all though luck always play it’s part; As for gail drivers,Team work and team got each of the drivers going,yet the $ in the team is also big factor,Owens did a turly super job with the far lower bucks them Patrick did,she too did well,but if I had $ and a team,I 'd get Owens to drive.:ernaehrung004:


Dana - “but if I had $ and a team I’d get Owens to drive”

Surely you jest !!!:confused:

the arca race i can’t believe no one could pass # 5

ali owens did a great job - but the one that should have been the sleeper was the goat - carmichael he drove the trucks long enough

i would have thought he would have drove right on to front

don’t seem like he has the ump he had when he was on two wheels when he and danica were beating on each other looked like she got the best of him

thats all i said

it’s hard to out run money and i’m affraid with her following and earnhardts and nascar is loving this

i doubt she will be in them cars long – she probably will be in with big boys faster than you think ;;

that was just a practice thing for her the arca race :sport009::sport009:

[QUOTE=BVS40FL;42287]Dana - “but if I had $ and a team I’d get Owens to drive”

Surely you jest !!!:confused:[/QUOTE]
Well was only talking about if only pick was a woman driver!,I’d drive myself other wise.:grinser010: