TBARA at Citrus Saturday night 2-6

TBARA opened the 2010 season Saturday night at Citrus County Speedway. Twenty four cars on hand and 22 started the 30 lap feature. Cold and windy.

Feature - 1. Troy DeCaire, 2. Shane Butler, 3. Jason Blonde, 4. Ben Fritz, 5. Ryan Litt (Canada) 6. Dude Teate, 7. Dakotah Stephens, 8. Sonny Hartley,
9. Matt Mercer, 10. Larry Brazil, jr. 11. John Gilbertson, 12. Steve Heisler, 13. Tommy Nichols (wing broke) 14. D. J. Hoelzle (wreck) 15. Joey Aguilar, 16. Craig Skene (Australia) broke axle, wrecked, 17. Wendy Mathis, wrecked with Skene, 18. Jeff Banyas, 19. Ray Bragg, 20. Skeeter Faulconer, 21. Brian Gingras, 22. Frankie Hurst.

Next event - Sunday (day) 2-7 at New Smyrna

TBARA at Citrus

What’s wrong with Citrus County Speedway?

First it cold and windy.
Second, they started late.
They knew the TBARA had to cross the state to New Smyrna Speedway. Why couldn’t they run the sprints first. No they had to run them last. So the teams could load up and leave early.
Half the people in the grandstand left before the sprint feature. It was to cold to stay.


dat’s how its done at the tracks in Flori-duh…Run your main event last so everyone will stay and suck down dem burgers & beers…:huepfen024: :ernaehrung004:

Or when there is a 90% chance of rain some night .The track takes its sweet time and runs all the slower classes instead of switching schedule around and getting late model feature in . It rains ,track doesn’t honor rain check for fans and slm racers travelled 200 miles for nothing.