World Series Frequency Lists UPDATED!

The frequency lists for the World Series of Racing at New Smyrna Speedway have been UPDATED and posted. Go to and click on Specials then World Series of Racing to bring up the lists. Updates are mainly driver roster listings with some frequencies. We still need frequency updates!!! If you happen to get some new frequencies please send them to The lists will updated overnight and be available to download the next day.

Thanks for your help!

L McMurray
Great Lakes Racing Frequencies

Thanks a Bunch

Thanks for the frequency numbers.

I recently went to Citrus Speedway and walked around trying to get the track numbers to listen in - you’d think I was trying to get the combo for their safe. I ended up sitting in the stands with my radio in my lap (NO TRACK FREQ). I would have enjoyed the evening alot more had I been able to listen in to the track… (Makes you wonder WHY they aren’t more friendly to their guest).

I noticed that NSS frequencies were posted on this list…

THANKS NSS, It brings watching good racing to another level for sure…

OSF–thanks for the comments. I’m not tied in with NSS but I’m sure that they don’t mind the publicity. I agree with you on going to a track and not being able to listen to the drivers and officials leaves a lot to be desired.

If you’re planning on going to NSS later in the week for the “bigger” races you can tune into the Race Talk Radio frequency for the play by play on 454.5000. The cooperation between Race Talk Radio and Racing Electronics makes all that possible. They should be congratulated on making the fans experience at the track that much more enjoyable.

Any frequency updates that you can send me ( would be greatly appreciated. They will get added to the list as soon as I receive them.

Enjoy the races.

L McMurray
Great Lakes Racing Frequencies