Modified Reunion BACK ON.....

After speaking few with quite a few people, we have decided to do the Reunion on SATURDAY instead. I realize that it is too late for many to make different arrangements, and we expect it to be down-scaled from the past, but too many people didn’t want to see it not go on.

Robert Hart & Kim Brown have allowed us to use their facilities, and have been very accomodating (not to mention sypathetic) to our needs, and now the show can go ON.

If it’s not too late to make (or re-arrange) your plans, please come out and join us. I understand one of the Vintage Cars is already on site, and 4 more have said to count on them also.

The weather forecast for Saturday drops to 20% chance of rain, instead of the 90% predicted for Friday.

The only real changes are that we will be inside the gates of the New Smyrna Speedway (rather than the parking lot), and the show will end an hour earlier (4:00 PM, rather than 5:00), in order to not interfere with the Speedways grandstand ticket sales.

As always, there is NO cost to attend. Bring your cameras, scrapbooks, your oldest racing T-shirt, and collect some autographs from some of the “old-timers”.

Special Thanks to Kim Brown, Robert Hart, JT Dunn, John Smith, Geoff Yoder , Bob Culberson, and John Gross, for encouraging me to go forward instead of giving up.

It may be smaller, but I’m betting it will still be a blast!!!

If you have any questions, please call anytime.

Jerry Binner, 407-790-9724 or



IS it Saturday yet ???:huepfen024::huepfen024:

See you all there

Where is the MIDWAY AREA and where do we go with the haulers for the reunion.
In Florida in SOGGY Orange Park, will be at the track around 9:00 am so as to get parked and ready.
If we have to Park in a place AWAY from the hauler I will probably need a “DRIVER” to move the modified since this weather and my back are not getting along.
Thanks for moving teh show Jerry, N.C., S.C. Va., N.J. and the east coast got the updated information so hope we get a good turnout.
Will need a Marker to sign the helmets I THINK mine are in the shop in S.C., OOPS :ernaehrung004:

I will bring 2

I will bring two sharpies with me to help with the helmets.

I think the midway area is the area right behind the grand stands.

Correct… parking will be in the usual spot behind the Grandstans, but we will be setting up inside the gates, under the stands as our “gathering” area. . Depending on car-count, we may or may not be displaying the cars inside the gates, but if there are too many to do that, I’m sure we will set up like normal.

Got it, see you in the AM. Glad we will get this one in the books. Will talk to you about #4!!! got a Crazy Idea!!! :ernaehrung004: