Madhouse At Nss ????

Was anyone there when the fight broke out after the Mod race on 2/10/2010.

Here is a clip one u tube

What the hell is the security guy thinking? Using pepper spray on a driver in a moving racecar. Thats more dangerous then the guy driving like an idiot.

They both drove like idiots, Silk had the car to beat, no doubt. 8 wheels always work better then 4. A little more patience and this would have never been an issue.

I got a kick out of the guy that climbed up on the car and took a swing at someone, then backed off the car and ran backwards like crazy…a few seconds later you see him dancing around to the left of everyone very excited like he was watching for someone to come out of the crowd and knock the hell out of him… Brave boy… sucker punch and run.

If I had been near this POS, I’d have thrown him back into the mix just for fun.

Yea, watch that dude from the beginning - he is one of the main issues, they throw him on the ground at one point, but when he throws a punch and runs like a girl cuz the dude he swung at comes after him it made me laugh.

I thought the same thing when I saw it but didn’t have time to comment. If they were in my pit crew they would both get tossed just for being bitches. Pepper spray or not.

I also would like to see some of the still photos it was funny to see the photographers running in with the flash going off to get pics LOL

both drivers should be dqed and fined