Bubba hitting the wall

Are there any pictures of the #1 morning show host Bubba The Love Sponge hitting the wall at NSS

bubba stated the front of the truck was basically wasted on his show this morning.

Go to Bubba’s web page, there is a video of the wreck there.



After all the wrecks he’s had, that one was a breeze.

Nothing personal… But all the touting that is done about Bubba and his “driving Skill on the track”… Please… Can we go back to our regular drivers who support our tracks week in/week out…

an bubba is 1 of those hello east bay

LOL but true. He does support a track week in and week out.

I know he supports East Bay every week… Which is great, but enough of the traveling circus… LOL… Sorry all, been a long week and still no rules for NSS and OSW…