Is it me or some tracks cant get there scheldules out.There is 3 tracks that dont have it posted as of 2/19!!!
Why wouldent u have it posted!!!
Explain that to me???:confused:

Which three are you talking about? New Smyrna, Orlando, and Columbia are the three that come to mind for me. New Smyrna is my favorite track, but for some reason their website always seems to be behind in posting schedules, results, etc. A track like New Smyrna should already have the whole years schedule up on the website. Now for Columbia, I’m glad they’re back because I was almost certain after last years debacle, there were gone. Rick keeps saying Columbia is back, but now their website is now longer there (if the address has changed or they’re working on a new site, please let us know) Columbia should have their full schedule posted somewhere because while I know they’re back, I still don’t know what classes and when they’re running. We all like to criticize Desoto, but they’ve had the whole years schedule up on their website for weeks.

Columbia Motorsports Park website is down because it is being added to the family websites. I have tried to help Rick Day in the meantime since I did do the Columbia website for a couple of years when Sandy and Don Nerone were there. Here is the practice schedule that Rick had up previously:

Feb 6th Swap Meet from 8am to 1 pm vendors spots 15.00. Free to shoppers
Then from 2 pm to dark will be open Practice $12.00 per person

Feb 13th Open Practice from 2 pm to dark $12.00 per person

Feb 20th Open Practice from 2 pm to dark $12.00 per person

Feb 27th Open Practice from 2 pm to dark $12.00 per person

I do know that the car meet and practice schedule on the 6th was cancelled due to cold weather but according to his schedule, there should be open practice there today and next Saturday. Mark Keeler, who takes care of the New Smyrna website and Orlando website, is working hard to get Columbia’s up and should be up and going sometime soon.

And yes, Desoto has had out their schedule for sometime and others have them up or partly up. I will say it was a pleasure for me doing Columbia’s site for two years and I did my best to get up the results, points, pre-race and any post-race stories I was given. I know Columbia was suppose to have a Fan Appreciation race but your best bet is to call Rick Day at the track for information on that.

I know they have there reasons and I understand the economy, im not part of the --in crowd–I have had interest in 2 diffrent class of cars that run on DIRT, wanting to see a scheldule between the 3 tracks as I weigh my options.
I know a scheldule can change, but gives you an idea of what type of budget u might be on etc etc…Thats all

columbia season opener march 6th . same classes as last year , same rule package . same payout . turns 1 and 2 repaired , 3 and 4 repaired . pass series race schedualed , and rick said hes gonna bring mods and minis back . new website is www. columbiamotorsportspark . org