never mind I meant to write about East Bay, Anyone going to the ASCS sprint cars, Thursday thru Saturday?

I may go Friday and Saturday. Have to wait and see how the week goes first.

Thanks. The only problem is that they want 30 bucks and they won’t give senior discount like at the USAC race. they didn’t.

Yeah Gary, I’m planning on coming over for the weekend. Will have the MH across the street in the camping area, and meeting some friends from N.Y. If Thursday’s races aren’t good, I’ll stay out in the parking lot. I’m not paying $30 and $35 for a regular EB sprint show. Stop by if you get a chance. billy

I will. Gary Wright will be there. What kind of mh do you have again?

Hey Billy, when are you going to come see me at Volusia? Just let me know and I will find you when you come. Have a great time at East Bay this weekend. I would love to go but money don’t grow on trees and my money tree died a long time ago. But hope you have fun.

Are you coming to the Blast from the Past next Sunday at Citrus?? Hope so.

I’ll get up there someday. Probably for a “big” show. My money tree died years ago, and speedweeks is just to expensive for me. I really object to paying $25 a night to park the motor home in a pasture, then pay almost $40 to get in. That’s not in my budget. I’ll be sure to let you know when I’m coming. I think I should have stayed home this weekend also. It’s gonna be cold. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I know my wife will be miserable, but she wants to go. Wish me luck. billy

Gary J, the MH is a class C Shasta. billy

Thanks .I’m dumb enough to go out in the cold Thursday night…