The latest on Jack...

It is noon and as I write, Jack is being wheeled into surgery. The surgery is expected to last at least 5-6 hours. I will post any developments as I hear them. Just so you know, I am so proud to know you people because your prayers and your generosity…your love… have helped Jack and his family more than you can imagine. Thank you so much. I speak for Jack and Kathy because right now they cant. They both cried because they never dreamed so many people cared.
I have to agree with jane… lets put all the petty stuff behind us and focus on skilled surgeons to keep Jack alive and bring him relief from his pain.
I have big news to post later on. :wink: thank you again for all of your support.
carolwicks aka OZ

Right now Jack is the MOST important thing we have to think about. He is scared for the first time in his life and does not know what to expect. Kathy and his girls are trying their best to hold everything together for Jack and so am I. Right now my love and my prayers are with them until Kathy calls and tells me he is out of surgery.


[B][I]I spoke with Kathy yesterday and she and Jack were overwelmed with everyone’s responces. Please lets just keep them in your heatrs and prayers and lets worry about the petty things after all this is over.

Thanks to everyone.[/I][/B]