Am I the only one ????

That hopes Jack get back to him self soon and we can maybe once again have our weekly fix of Inside Florida Racing. I miss that show and all of the updates and news we used to get. Hopefully once things are back to normal for Jack maybe it will be back.

Am I alone or does anyone else miss it also.


I used to love that show and rarely missed one. That team got really good at putting out their product: they had conflict, solid information, humor and it usually left the listeners talking about something. I’d love to see it back on the air one day.

In April, 2008, I was given the opportunity to be an in-studio co-host on the show for one week. I’ll never forget that night! I drove 3-4 hours across the state to “KARNAC Tower” (a studio in Jack’s home) and had a great time with it. Thanks for giving me the chance.

You also co-hosted the show from Eastbay, your pretty good at that stuff…

Yeah, that was a good day. I got to drive an antique at Zephyrhills, and then came over to East Bay for the show with you, Jack and Bill Green.

If anyone can come up with some sponsorship money, I have a place where we can do a show from Orlando… Would sure be fun…