In reguards to the Jack Smith Fundraiser on 4-17-10 at Citrus County Speedway. After meeting with Critter last night anyone caught with coolers, water, gatorade, Mickey D’s, Burger King, Taco Bell Etc etc etc… I PROMISE that you will not be Arrested BY the GESTAPO or TASERED by Citrus County’s finest, So with that being said Ron Abney can bring PBJ sandwhiches and also that special sandwhich for OSF.

                                                               T. Carreno


::Come on people lets get a little humor on this board::
Please keep Jack and the Smith Family in your prayers :engel016:

hey OWM man!

LOTS of Grills so we can stay warm! hey Tony… someone told me you were gonna roast a hog… is that true?

Tony, you better rethink that plan. I’m not convinced that bar-b-qued PBJ sandwiches would be popular. Sounds a little funky, but hey, it is Inverness.

I’ve been looking at the 4 cylinder rules, and will be there with my secret weapon driver who will make his Citrus Co. racing debut. We are really looking forward to it!

thanks there tony where you been on vacation

i do bring a cooler with a few bottles of water and some gator ade for driver but i also spend lot money at consession stand and i support all the race tracks i go to

i also bring 2 sandwiches to race track also … and the the day that stops that will be the day i stop racing …

maybee i have it all wrong how i feel but i feel when i bring 12 people in pits 20 in stands buy between 25 35 gallons of fuel and two sets of tires and three slabs and spend over hundred dollars for fuel to get to track

you gonna tell me you are gonna run come into my toter and search it for food and water and chack my cooler

tony can you believe we drew the pole last week at auburndale and broke the center section out of winters quick change in warm ups

did not even get to race if you got one or know some one that doe’s before i order a new one call me ron abney sr :sport009::sport009:

We wil be there Tony and I promise this time we will be legal. We will actually be up there March 13th.

Tony give me a call please,

Scott OWM 19

Hey Tony

You are taking all the fun out of the event LOL. I was looking forward to someone being tazed LOL heard it would make for a good video, for Bob to shoot. Just think all the video’s bob could sell and money we could raise off them for jack with a good tazing.

As long as it is not me LOL…

Thanks for helping with this event and see you at the race.



BONEMAN- Your right BBQ PBJ sandwhiches does sound a lil weird, but hell so does zuber dog and fried bolonga sandwhiches. Look forward to meeting you at Citrus… remember open practice on Friday 4-16. If you can get the ::SECRET DRIVER:: there for some practice, i know on Saturdays practice session moves pretty fast there, cant wait to see Andy. (oops)

CAROL- As far as cookin’ a pig trust me you dont want me cookin Nuttin’ but at the EBR race i did pick up some killer BBQ from Harry’s and i think we fed about 100 ppl.

RON ABNEY- Sorry to hear you broke rear end at a-dale i know starting on the pole there is about as good as it gets

SCOOTER 71- Cant wait to see you there Bud.

SUNSHINE Racing (Robert)- You could be on to something there, we could take all of the moderator’s names on this board and any one accused of waxing or windexing or whatever a race report, put names in hat and let EDM or OSF draw name, sell $10 ticket to watch em’ get Tased and all money goes to Jack Smith Fundraiser, now that could be a money maker…lol

Hey Tony,
Can you stop all action on raceday from 3-4 pm? My “secret weapon” driver insists that we pause for the traditional tea time from 3-4. In our pits we will have the teapot on, and will be toasting some lovely crumpets, so feel free to stop by.

Hey ronabneysr, can we throw some British Bar B Que on your grill? We’ll be bringing tripe, kidneys and blood sausage.

weapon ? ouch ! talk about throwing your driver under the bus ! roflmmfao !


r u a closet vampire. No wonder Englishmen have a sense of humor… the things those people eat… and the company they keep… lol so i guess you think you have a huge secret huh? maybe we should just let you think so and concentrate on your sudden need to eat blood sausage. TRIPE? UGH cow belly doesnt even smell good…never mind the taste. i think i will share dinner with Ron… all of a sudden Peanut butter sound delicious!

I didn’t say I was eating that fine British cuisine. I’m having classic American track food like Moon Pies, Yoo Hoo’s and last weeks track hot dogs.


do they still make Moon Pies? roflllll i am hoping someone took the hint about roasting a hog… Publix sells them cheap. just have to order… i will pay for it… now dont go ordering the worlds largest pig ok?
the best one i ever ate was at Dave and Carol Pletchers. Oh gosh was that GOOD!
a race track full of bonafied REDNECKS and no hog! whats that all about? one silly Englishman joins our family and Boney is talkin blood sausage and tea and crumpets…