Blast Next Weekend

Well, doesn’t look like I can make it to the Blast next weekend; work - and life - gets in the way sometimes :wink: As much as I’d love to, it just can’t happen for me next week. Got two weddings to attend in the next month and a half: my oldest daughter’s is in three weeks, and my own wedding is in five weeks. :wink: :aetsch013: …and…they’re both out of state. Sooooo…gotta save some $$$ and get those taken care of first. Jane, sorry, sweetie…LOL…would love to see ya, but I just can’t make it next week because we gotta work.

Y’all have a good time…and Bob, if you put another DVD together, I might buy it :wink:

I totally understand why you can’t but I still can say I wish you could. I will have my little Cannon digital with me and take some photos also that I can send you. But work must come first and two weddings, would not want to be in your shoes for sure. But father-of-the-bride and then the groom, sweetie, you got your hands full right there.

I will miss seeing you but I will try and get you some photos for sure. Have a great weekend. I am taking my grandson to Madri Gras in Cocoa Village except this year they cut out the buses from Merritt Island to Cocoa Village so it will probably take me an hour to find a place to park but Jermey loves it so it is worth it. He loves those beads!!!


Jimmy,Sorry you can’t make it.We were looking forward to seeing you there.There is a lot of drivers coming and today I will start calling and reminding them the blast is next weekend.
Thanks,for letting us no in advance.Joyce

Camping At The Blast??

Jane did you ever get the information on overnight camping at the track??

I will check on that today for you and let you know. I know Joyce said there is overnight camping but with find out more today and post it for you.

Look forward to seeing you again and maybe this time you can take me for a ride in that car of your’s. Never had one yet although Alex may have.


I meant to address that question to Joyce…Sorry.

Only two rules for a ride-a-long…

  1. If you fit thru the window, you ride.(some don’t)
  2. If you make a mess, you clean it up.(A few close calls)

At Bronson I had a very pregnant woman squeeze into the car and rode. 2 days later she delivered.:sprachlos020:
The two grandmas found out and wanted to kick my ass…:huepfen024:


Yes there is camping at the track. No Charge. After they are finished running they will open the pits to camping. I ask that everyone leave the front to space behind the office open for two people who need to be close too stands ,they both are in wheel chairs ,so please don’t park there.Any where else is fine.Thanks,Joyce