Talked to Jack last night and he sounded really good. He starts physical therapy today (I don’t envy the therapists at all). He wants to thank everyone that has sent out the healing vibes they have done wonders for him. Right now he is concentrating on getting everything working again and as he put it, “Getting out of this damn hospital”.


10-4 on the therapists… Id rather eat glass chards than deal with that!

That’s great to hear. Thanks for the update Rick. I also don’t envy them there lol.

That is great to hear on his improvements…our thoughts and prayers will continue for him a speedy recovery and to feel better soon.Thanks for the update.

Thats good to hear. Our prayers are still with him for a speedy recovery. Thanks for the update Rick. Bob…

Its good to hear that Jack is improving. Has there been any further word on what caused all of this in the first place? I’ve heard everything from failed previous surgery to bone cancer. Just wanted to get the real story.

Tell Jack that Cindy and I will keep the vibes a comin’!!!

You are right about that Carol. If anybody can beat this stuff its that old goat. LOL! Jack you fight this with all you have man. My church has you on their prayer list and My wife is at prayer right now. You are on my list too. Boy are you on my list. Seriously ole buddy you hang in there and get Well. You can beat this stuff. I have an old saying “PUSH”, Pray Untill Something Happens. Bob…