Central Florida Racing Complex

Gotta give these people credit for having a 7 day a week racing center which features a wide variety of events: karting, 1/8 mile drags, road racing for street cars, autocross, supermoto, drifting, mud bog and more to come.

The kart track has races a couple times a week, and rentals for several days too. The rentals are fast and demanding, nothing like the normal concession karts we are used to.

I’ll also add that I wouldn’t trade all of these venues for a good old short track oval, BUT look at their business plan: a variety of events, open every day, street car friendly so it can attract lots of new competitors and bikes.

FASCAR, Auburndale, Citrus, this place is your competitor for money from car crazy gearheads. Why not make them a partner to help our side of the sport? Someone should contact them and see if anything could be worked out.


Boneman, you hit the nail on the head about competition for racing dollars. A place like this may or may not be in it for the long term, but in the meantime, it will soak up the play money for a lot of folks. It sounds really interesting and I wish it were closer to me. With the variety and 7 day a week accessibility - it will score.

Perfect location to put on a car show. I have been asked for years to put one on for JDRF.

From what I’ve heard and seen, there is not if any kind of safety inspection. For instance, I have a student in my class who drag races there. His car is not safe enough to be on the street let alone racing. No seat belts. He has the skinny tires on the front like drag cars have. The tires are the donut spares! Rated for 45 mph! He has already blew several of them and he goes and gets more. Just wait until someone gets hurt bad or killed. Then we’ll see how long they stay open.

Good points but I used to drag race at Orlando and my car was never checked there either.