Team Car Warz to do Pilot for new Reality TV Show April 10th at Desoto Super Speedway

Lake City, FL (March 3, 2010) It was officially announced today that Don Nerone and Chuck Rush of Team Car Warz (formerly known as Crash-A-Rama) and Film Garden have contracted together to do a pilot for a national TV Reality Show.

Film Garden, out of Van Nuys, California, has been around since 1994, over sixteen years. They have produced more than 200 hours or programming including prime time network specials, prime time reality series, daytime strip series, and documentary specials for a number of networks including ABC, Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, FOX, Animal Planet, the Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel and MSNBC.

The pilot for the new Team Car Warz will be filmed April 10th at 7:30 pm at Desoto Super Speedway in Bradenton, Florida. Events to be included are an Appliance Race, Boat/Trailer Race, Skid Cars, Figure 8 School Bus race, Roller Derby, Demolition Derby and an Enduro. For more information on the events will call Chuck Rush at 386-527-0287.

The following week, April 17, Team Car Warz will move to Lanier Speedway in Braselton, Georgia. Events for that night will be announced soon.

Team Car Warz will see two shows in New York, three shows in Pennsylvania, two in Georgia, one in Ohio, one in Virginia, one in North Carolina and two in Florida. More dates will be announced later on thru the new website being built for Team Car Warz.

If you have any questions about upcoming races and events, please contact Chuck Rush. For more information on Film Garden go to

See ya April 10th at Desoto Super Speedway for the first of many Team Car Warz and the new reality show.

See this is what I don’t understand. This looks like media. :slight_smile: Ahhhh well, I’ll just go back in my cave.

Its only “media” when they say it is media. Sorta like Bill Clinton and sex. LOL!

But seriously, I didn’t post the info about the practice at Ocala this Saturday because I thought it would be considered “media.”

Winger and B.J. - you can most certainly post your practice for Ocala. It is only race stories themselves that are to be moved. This was posted here and on the pit stop site and I will gladly post your practice for you B.J. This and practice are more upcoming track info - NOT a race story itself. But you can e-mail me at any time with any questions

Please e-mail me at anytime with any question you might have. But as far as I know, this is fine and I have posted your practice B.J. also. It is only the race stories themselves which are suppose to be moved but PLEASE, I don’t want to battle anymore. Just e-mail me if you have any questions.


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