FAST at Orlando

So who from the board is going to be there Friday and/or Saturday? Where are you going to be sitting? I want to say hey to whoever is there but I never seem to find everyone.

Got to pick up my brother tonight at OIA but I hope your race turns out great tomorrow. Looks like the weather maybe a little warmer than it has been. Hope you have a great time.

If I am not too tired from the JDRF walk at UCF in the morning, I plan on being there in the pits.

Chris has raised $570 so far for his walk team “Christopher’s Conquerors”. :slight_smile:

Here are some of my photos from today’s practice day and let me tell you, there were some fast laps laid down so you are not going to want to miss the action Saturday afternoon. Pictured are the #55 of Todd Allen, the #85 of Austin Kirkpatrick, and the #86 of the leading rookie, Randy Anderson.
It was also nice talking with Mr. McCreary and I do have to apologize for not recognizing you without your special hat… I assume there will be a large crowd as well to watch the Bonemobile get aired out so say hello if you see me walking by.