Torres and Jack Smith Families to be helped through Charity Truckers 200 !

Two families to be helped at this years Charity Truckers 200 announced !

C.A.R.S. Racing for a Cause Inc.

Orlando FL. 3/5/2010 - C.A.R.S Racing for a Cause Inc. owner and president Rick Bristol announced today the first two families to be helped through his foundation and the Charity Truckers 200 annual event. " It is early but I have been led by the Lord to help these two families I am introducing today, you will see why as I introduce them.

The first family will be the Torres family and little Celena. " She is such a doll, when I opened the letter read and then saw the attached photo, I was brought to tears and knew very quickly we had to help. She is 3 years old and has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma like one of last years children Joey. In fact the Sciacca family is the one that nominated her after meeting that family in the same hospital as Joey. I know after prayer that the Lord wants us to help. Ervin and Cappy Torres also have another child Cebastian, and they are a wonderful family that just needs help. " stated Bristol.

The second family will be a close family to our racing community, the Jack Smith Family. Jack is the founder and owner of and has faced serious back surgery and now faces bone cancer. " Jack has become a close friend over the years. He has helped this charity along with my former go-kart fund-raisers. He donated space and time to keeping up a web site for the charity as well as free advertising and press for the Charity Truckers 200. He led a live Internet broadcast of the event in 2008 and had donated funds as well. When I heard of Jacks battle and that they had a child with down syndrome, I began to pray if we should help, well I have received the blessing and direction to help Jack and his family and we will. Jack’s wife Kathy will have a full plate ahead. Along with taking care of a child with a disability, she will have to help and push Jack. We need to be in prayer for them and we will help all we can. " added Rick.

There may or may not be a third family, that will be up to the direction Rick feels he is led. If another family is added it will be announced. If you know of a family in need you can go to the web site and fill out a nomination form or e-mail Rick at

There will be three events to help raise money this year, and the final dates and info will be on the web site soon. In October a 5K Fun walk/run/ride event will be held. In November a Charity Concert and then in December the 5th Annual Charity Truckers 200. The date for this years Charity Truckers 200 will be announced in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Again the web site for updates and announcements will be Stay tuned for more information in the future.


Rick… this is such great news. The Smith family can sure use our help and help is coming from so many areas in our racing family. The hospital bills mount and the household bills pile up and neither Jack nor his wife complain… but you and I know they have to be concerned… With our help, they will have so much less stress and worry. You have a huge heart and you have taken the Lords advice to “love one another” in true fashion. Thank you Rick… we will all work together to thank the man who helped bring us all together as a huge family!
carolwicks aka OZ

I am so glad you choose the Smith family Rick. God is good. It is heart warming to see our racing community come together for one of our own.
I guess thats why I’ve been involved in this sport so long. They fight and bicker on the track but when the chips are down we are all family. Thanks Rick for being obedient. Bob…

Thank you Rick for all that you and your organization do to help others.
God Bless!!!