Only 18 SLM's at Opp for Rattler...

Only 18 cars at Opp, Alabama for the Rattler 250… Leaving Orlando after the checkered flag to head that way… should still be a good race!

27 Pro Late Models in Opp, Alabama.
There might be up to 20 Super Lates as of now.

Only 18 cars at Opp

really? that’s strange, they’re showing 49 pre-paid entries between “Pro” Late Models and Supers.

16 cars took the green flag… not a bad race with the talent they had there… Jeff Fultz held off Bubba Pollard to win… Chase Elliott was fun to watch and led a good portion of the second half of the race…

All in all a great ‘Road Trip’… Orlando - Columbia - S. Alabama… Three Race Tracks, Two States, 640 Miles in just over 24 hours!

And we even ate Dinner with Deon Sanders in Tallahassee. No joke!