The price it right

Rick Day, general manager of Columbia Motorsports Park, has announced today that the spectator admission price of $5.00 per adult and 11 and under free to get into the stands from this past Saturday night will be continued for an extended time. Of course this won?t last forever and no definite ending date has been set yet, but for now, it?s a price that can?t be beat. Now that?s the way to step up to the plate.

Great to hear things are going well and will hopefully be going well for a long time in the future…

Sooooooooo Tim, how did you do?? Did you spank them Saturday night??
(if it wasn’t good you can e-mail me):sport009:

It was a blast

Jim, we had a blast (no pun intended). I finished second by a fender and was coming fast. The car was great and the fans, and there were a lot more than there has been in several years, were great also. We could have used a few more cars in the Pure Stock class, but we made a good show out of it anyhow. Me and a friend ran nose to tail and door to door for first and second all night. Straight Up even showed up and raced. He?s got a nice looking car but he sure brought an ugly gear with him. Change the gear and throw on some new skins and he?ll be beating on the leaders door I?m sure. Rick did a great job as well. The Sportsman class was $750 to win with 12 cars minimum. 11 cars showed and he paid the full purse anyhow. A lot of drivers were in the stands waiting to see how it?s going to go. I?m betting after Saturday night, they?ll be back in the pits with their cars wanting to join in the fun. I?ve had at least a dozen calls the past 2 days with people telling me how much they enjoyed the show. Looks like that place might just make it after all.


Congrats to Rick and his whole crew on the first night of the rest of the season :huepfen024:


I have to say congrats to Rick… That is the way things must be run to be competitive and keep our beloved short tracks going… It is too bad that other track(s) can’t figure that out…

Now if you can just remind Straight up that that is a Sportsman and not a Pure Stock/Super Stock and he has to run the right carb to be competitive…

Yes Straight Up come on over to the shop today and get mad at me… ROFLMFAO…

Have a great day all…

Yes Straight Up come on over to the shop today and get mad at me… ROFLMFAO…


You forgot to give Straight Up a time frame of when you might be awake!

[QUOTE=Old Sunshine Fan;44016][QUOTE=flraceguy;44014]
Yes Straight Up come on over to the shop today and get mad at me… ROFLMFAO…


You forgot to give Straight Up a time frame of when you might be awake![/QUote]

Don’t worry he knows… I am always there earlier than he wakes up… If memory serves me right Straight up doesn’t get up until 10 or 11 in the morning…


I was surprised!

I attended the race too and was surprised at the amount of folks in the stands. It was almost like the old days… then the races started.
Only about 6 pure stocks. Where are they?
12 sportsman for a 50 lap race. But they DID put on a pretty darn good show.
The strictly stock(?) race was okay but would have been better if it weren’t for the cheated up, dirty driving guy from Ga.
The only real complaints I have is that the concession stand ran out of hot chocolate cups and there was a huge line of people waiting for someone to bring cups(my daughter did survive, however).
Also, the announcer needs to wait until the cars are on the back straight to announce the drivers names. There were a few new cars and it would have been nice to know who the drivers were. Just say’n!
Hopefully I will be out there to add another car to the sportsman class soon. It just seems that everytime I get the car “close” some other problem pops up!