Happy B-Day OSF!

[SIZE=“5”] HEY[/SIZE][SIZE=“7”]O[/SIZE][SIZE=“5”]ld [/SIZE][SIZE=“7”]S[/SIZE][SIZE=“5”]enile [/SIZE][SIZE=“7”]F[/SIZE][SIZE=“4”]art!

Dude, I saw a panhandler the other day on the main street
in Plant City outside of the Strawberry Festival with a routine
using a puppet he said he had done in your likeness.

He said this is how you used to entertain the ladies back in the
day out in the Cherry Patch at DHHS.

Man-o-man I sure didn?t realize you could sing such a great
old tune and gyrate like that!!

Check it out here…

OSF Puppet at Strawberry Festival

Can I give you some advice?

Take the day off and do something you enjoy man!


I have got to admit… The face looks like him… And the voice is similar, but the body type doesn’t fit very well… What did he have a whole body girdle on at the time of the performance…


Have A Happy One Today…

Rember your last B’Day party when you dressed up like the King??

I gotz a pic of ya here…:sprachlos020:

ya put on a few since that video of Jims’




That’s a heck of a camel toe ya gotz there Bob…

Was it cold out that day???


The face does resemble OSF but he ain’t been that skinny since he was … BBORNed.

NO, those are the twins… I had to roll J.H. (Jack Hammer) up to get him inside that suit (you probably thought I had a big belly huh?).

Thanks for the BD wishes… I think this is the last one of any importance (Yea, finally got that damn Medicare Card - Now the Pres wants to screw it all up for me.)

Thanks again…(not U Ocala… U gonna git yours).

Happy Birthday OSF. I didn’t think anyone kept track of the birthdays after a certain number! I assume you weren’t at the Blast. If you went, I didn’t see you.


[SIZE=“4”]Happy birthday OSF hope you have a great one!!! :)[/SIZE]

Happy Birthday!!!

happy birthday osf happy birthday to you

i can’t put all that fancy stuff on here like fenton and all the other guys can

                           so just have fun if i could i would send danica patrick

                                in a big cake and a bottle of crown royal 

                                see you later ron abney sr #35 open wheel 


Happy Birthday OSF!

your new inflatable birthday present should be in the mail.


Thanks all…
Jim/Todd, couldn’t open up those files until I got home from work. That damn computer at work either locks up or just won’t let me do “MY” stuff… they sure know how to keep people from doing what they want on company time/computers…
(I’m thinking about getting an air card and bring my laptop to work each day)
Kenny… didn’t make it to the Blast… something came up (NO OCALA- not that)…hey, did I tell you about me flushing my trucks radiator and my bottle of viagra fell out of my pocket and into the damn radiator… took me a week to get the hood down!

Later fools.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday OSF. Hope you have a good birthday.

(Photo trailer at Ocala Speedway):sport009:

Happy Birthday OSF, hope you have a good one! Oh remember if that hood isn’t down in 4 hour call 911.:ernaehrung004::sprachlos020::huepfen024:

Knowing OSF(Old Sex Fiend), if it’s not down in 4 hours, he’s gonna’ call all his old girlfriends…:sprachlos020:

And the neighbors’ wives as well…:huepfen024: