Nascar made their decision

Nascar made their decision about Carl Edwards. He has been placed on probation for 3 races.

maybee that knocked some sence into keseleske

he ought to have to wear his fruit of the looms or haines on outside of his fire suit for next three weeks so ever body can see the streaks in them

maybee he will drive a little different from now on i like what bruton:: said on tv last night on hub owner of atlanta speedway let um go race ever body gets angry some times

just set back up little higher in stands you will be all right … bruton smith didn’t say that i did :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

Like Roy said “boy’s will be boy’s”.:aetsch013::sprachlos020::ernaehrung004:

He has been placed on probation for 3 races.

they kind of painted themselves into a corner what with that huge deal they made about letting the drivers settle things themselves this year and “the gloves coming off” and all that.

i will admit that i’m still somewhat surprised that they didn’t hypocrite out on this and suspend Carl or at least put him on full season probation though.

maybe if Bouncing Baby Brad had sniffed some onions before his tv interview, he could have shown us some crocodile tears ( lying is always more effective if you’re crying ) and guilted NASCAR into doing more … ?

also, i think i’d like to start a petition to ban from NASCAR all the reporters who got their panties in a bunch about Carl intentionally turning Keselowski. for being homo’s. and when i say “homo”, i’m including in this all of the former NASCAR drivers and crew chiefs currently working the broadcast booth who were calling for Carl’s suspension and saying his behavior was “inexcusable”. i mean, seriously, who says “P1”? “stint”? this is STOCK CAR racing, dammit. you want to use that twinkle toes terminology, go cover an F1 race or something.

hello? have any of you dipsticks ever heard of Dale Earnhardt Sr? have any of you ever seen footage of the 1979 Daytona 500?

i’ll also point out that lie so many of them told when they said that “Carl should have waited until after the race and taken care of this in the pits”. Carl HAS tried to “take care of” situations in the pits before. and whenever he does so, they all whine about that.

the fact is that nothing will make them happy except for Carl just laying there and taking it.


All well and good but Kes should be on probation too. Now he can wreck Carl and Carl cant do anything about it, except beat his butt after the race.

Contrary to most of the opinions on this subject, I like the kid, he is a true racer, yes he is young and going to make some errors, hell show me one of todays stars who didn’t piss off one of the established stars at some point in their rookie year. This kid is here to race not just ride around and get out of the way of the top drivers. Sunday at Atlanta it’s obvious that Brad was holding his line on the bottom groove and Carl came down on him just like he did at Talledega. As far as his run in with the whinner (waah-waah) Hamlin, how dare he actually RACE a guy in the chase. I think it says something about Brad’s potential that Rick Hendrick and Roger Penske both want him to drive for them.

Todd, I agree with you on banning the reporters and former drivers. I remember Kyle Petty wrecking and injuring Davey Allison after the finish of an All-Star race and then Sunday was on tv running his gator about how Carl should be suspended. What a hypocrite.

[I]I think it says something about Brad’s potential

who said he doesn’t have potential? he’s probably one of the more competent young drivers coming up.

the problem is his malicious driving. he’s not getting into these situations because he’s incompetent, this is happening because he sees an advantage in threatening to wreck people.

Brad was holding his line on the bottom groove and Carl came down on

if you look around a little bit, you’ll notice that both Carl and I have already pointed that out. as far as Carl goes, i’m sure he’s just tired of always winding up on the wrong end of a Keselowski wreck.

As far as his run in with the whinner (waah-waah) Hamlin

a - it’s a LOT more than one run in with Hamlin
b - i’ve also already pointed out that Hamlin needs to spend less time talking about how much Krash-a-wallski has coming to him and more time helping Krash meet the wallski


I agree with you on banning the reporters and former drivers.[/I]

i know. can you believe all those weenies? i don’t care for Spencer, but he’s the only former driver i’ve seen who stood up and said they should keep there hands off of Carl.